Windows 10’s Fall Update Removes User Installed Applications Without Asking


Windows 10 users are reporting that programs they've installed have disappeared (apparently uninstalled) with the latest Windows 10 Fall update, including one case where the software that AMD's graphics cards depend on (AMD Catalyst Control Center) was uninstalled and replaced with Windows 10 graphics card drivers. The two other programs that have been mentioned as being uninstalled are CPU-Z and Speccy. As you probably know, Microsoft decided in Windows 10 that updates and upgrades are automatic, unless you're using Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise edition which allow users to delay certain upgrades. So far the programs that have been uninstalled have been able to be re-installed without any issues. Personally, this issue has stopped me from upgrading to Windows 10. I'm a bit on the picky side - I like to keep my hardware, software and operating systems updated on my own. :)

You can read all about it here:
Windows 10’s fall update is deactivating certain apps without asking


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I like to grab my drivers from the manufacturer as well. :)


So, all previous (suspicious) claims of "for the user's good" or "best experience for the user" are now exposed for the pretense that they are, and likely have always been. Windows 10 is really about giving Microsoft complete control over YOUR PC. My prediction of a 2016 article: Users of windows 10 logged on today to see that their gmail account has been replaced with windows live mail, and all their email imported. Unfortunately, online forums are clogged with users for whom the import failed, and who've lost decades of email and all their contacts. A Microsoft spokesman replied that "this upgrade provides the best experience for our users. Our user research suggests that most users dont want to bother which who their email provider is, they just want it to work."

I've NEVER trusted Microsoft and I've been using it since DOS 3.1, so I've always been leery of anything they do and check it closely. When Windows 10 came out I bought an inexpensive refurbished HP Elitebook laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium preinstalled. I then updated to Windows 10 about 2-3 months ago. I didn't like it at all and when I reverted back to Windows 7 it had updates blocked so I've not been able to get any updates for it. I'm not sure if I want to buy another new copy of Windows 7 or just toss the laptop. I'm still running Win 7 Pro on my desktop and I'll stay with it as long as I can.

Sir Gruff...I had the same problem after I deleted all the updates that the site listed that would enable Mr. Softy to load Win 10 on my machine. After trying everything I could find on how to correct it, all to no use, I now use a program that updates software on my computer. It also looks for updates to Win 7, downloads and installs them. It is called patchmypc. It will be a cold day in hell before I load Win 10 either on my wife's computer or mine.

On some laptops there's a hidden partition that will restore the system to the point when it was manufactured.........that might be an option. If you've got the disk, you could try re-installing Windows 7. :)

Using Disk Management I've found a 450MB partition on my laptop C: drive called "Healthy (Recovery Partition)" Can you send me to someplace that can show me how to access it to restore my laptop to a functioning Win 7 Home Premium? Thanks.

My suggestion would be to run a search using the terms "factory restore HP Elitebook" and the model number of your laptop. That should bring up the information. :) I hope that helps. I use as a search engine, it aggregates content from Google and bing but protects your privacy. Weird name, awesome search engine.

I'm with you rhiannon. I too decided after all the negatives of Win 10 started surfacing to just get rid of all updates that would even try to install it. I like my Windows 7 ltimate just the way I have it thank you. Microsoft needs to learn perhaps the MOST important tidbit from all the negative press:
I judge which updates I really need, and as to hardware drivers, I trust ONLY those that come from the hardware manufacturer. Definitely NOT Microsoft.
I have had people warn me about not upgrading to 10, all I say to them is this:
IF Microsoft EVER gets it through there extremely thick skulls that people DO NOT want spyware posing as an OS, they do NOT want to be told they HAVE TO update, and that the machine belongs TO THE USER and not Microsoft, then I MIGHT upgrade (even if by then I have to pay for the bloody thing). Besides as I also tell them...MS is supporting Win 7 til like 2020, so I am good for a bit, thank you

I think you could probably form a nation with all the computer users that now have contempt for Microsoft. I too am using Windows 7 and I definitely don't expect Microsoft to keep their promise and support that OS until 2020. I'll be moving on to Linux shortly because I'm convinced upgrading to Windows 10 is no different than booking passage on the Titanic.

You made my day with the last sentence. Very, very true. I won't touch W10 ever again.