A Brilliant New Way to Create and Share Your Presentations, Fast and Easy


Sway iconSwaySway is Microsoft's new addition to Office Online, which already has several online tools including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and more.

Like PowerPoint, Sway is used to create and share presentations, reports, newsletters or personal stories. Unlike PowerPoint, Sway does not use fixed-size slides but more flexible cards and sections on a continuous canvas, navigated through by scrolling vertically or horizontally, or optimized for presentation.

Sway lets you prepare presentations much faster and easier than PowerPoint does and it is free. You can import Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents into Sway, or create a new Sway by inserting a heading, some text, pictures or videos and Sway does the layout automatically for you with its brilliant design engine. Best of all, the generated layout is responsive to any screen size and suitable for viewing on all devices, big and small.

It has plenty of design styles and variations ready for you. Select one and customize it further with a color, font, and animation emphasis if you like. You can preview your Sway or remix it from time to time until you’re satisfied for sharing with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media, or publish it on Docs.com, also an Office Online tool serving as a public gallery for sharing Office documents.

Sway is a native Windows 10 app and has a version for the iPad and iPhone. At the time of this writing, an Android version has yet to be made available, but without it, you can also access Sway in a web browser by heading to sway.com.

Since Sway is an online service, it requires internet connection to create, edit and share the content. Nevertheless if you have done a Sway and synced it to a device, you can present it offline with the Sway app on that device, except for some elements like cloud-based videos or interactive maps that need the internet to show.

Check out an example Sway embedded below and see if you can be swayed into using Sway.





For Windows 10
Download: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/apps/sway/9wzdncrd2g0j

For iPhone & iPad:
Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/office-sway/id929856545?mt=8


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I wonder how much it cost them to come up with the name. First thought I had was "swayback nag". I uploaded a 5 MB powerpoint, but then it hung halfway through Swaying (Swayifying?). A different PDF worked but looked pretty nasty. But thanks for trying, Microsoft.

Funny thing, they have a nicely done tutorial; they put it on Google's YouTube.

I might try again, using the web to Sway(tm) a presentation written in LibreOffice. Topic: "Why Linux is better than Windows."

Anything having to do with Microsoft will most certainly not deserve to be called brilliant....lol. I tolerate Windows but for any other application you can be sure there are better open source or independent alternatives to what Mr. Softie can offer.