Our Exclusive Giveaway Worth $90. [Expired]


EaseUS Recover Wizard windowIt's time to reveal the exclusive Gizmo's Giveaway that I mentioned the other day. The product in question is Data Recovery Wizard Pro, from EaseUS. If you check out the web site at http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizardpro/ you'll see it's currently on offer, reduced from $90 to $70. But until the end of tomorrow, it's completely free for Gizmo's readers!

To get your copy, download the trial from the http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizardpro/ page. Then go to our exclusive page at http://www.easeus.com/giveaways/chipde.html to request your licence key.

Remember to download and activate your software by the end of tomorrow, otherwise the licence code will no longer work. Once it's installed and activated, you can of course use the software for as long as you like.

The software is a 12 MB download and should work with Windows XP and above. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

Data Recovery Wizard Pro is a file and disk recovery tool that's really easy to use, with a simple graphical interface. If you've accidentally deleted a file (even if it's long since been wiped from your recycle bin), chances are that the software can recover it for you. When you run it, it will automatically scan your hard disk for deleted items. Just tick the ones you want to restore, and the job is done. So make sure you download and install the software now. You never know when you might need it in the future. And remember, your licence key won't work forever so ensure that you download and activate ASAP.



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On Thursday I successfully downloaded, installed & registered on my Windows 7 work PC. I sent a link to my wife, who later that day did the same for her Windows 8 laptop. I attempted to do the same for iMac at home, downloaded and installed just fine, got my registration # from here & tried in vain to get the "activate" button to work. At 6 pm EST I sent EaseUS an email at the provided address. By 11 pm I had no answer, so went to sleep. Had to go into work early on Friday, so didn't get to check for a reply until that evening and saw their reply, which was received 11:06 pm on Thursday. They were basically asking for my License Code, so they could check into the problem, but was also warned that the code was only valid for 24 hours from issuance (duh!). So, I replied again at around 6 pm, gave them the code, explained why I hadn't seen their reply until just then, remarked that it was probably expired by then, but asked what they could do. The reply was at 1:42 am and said that nothing could be done as the offer had ended. I was told that my situation was explained to a supervisor, who offered a 50% discount on the program.

Aside from not detailing whether it was 50% off the regular or the current sale price, it's an extremely poor response anyway, indicating to me that they don't even understand the meaning of the words "Customer Service".

I'm going to try to compose a calm response to EaseUS explaining why it's a FAIL, but I'm not hopeful of it going anywhere productive. I just thought the Gizmo community ought to know.

Same thing, no go. I tried to get the key a little after 10 o'clock on Oct. 30th Central time. It said the offer is closed.

Nice offer, but expired before midnight EDT October 30 for me. Just tried at 10:45 p.m. No go.

I tried to register the product only to have the website tell me my email address was already in their emal list. Well of course it is I used the same email for other giveaways and freebies. Gave up since deadline is today.


The download and installation and registration worked liked a dream.

Again a SUPER program from a SUPER COMPANY!

A special thanks to EaseUS and Gizmos!


I attempted to try the software but was put off by the result from VirusTotal (and the English in their Registration code email was inferior, usually it is not). VirusTotal showed Blueliv as a Malicious site. Thanks.

I wouldn't worry about a single warning on Virus Total, especially if it's from Blueliv. First of all, 1 warning vs. 64 "all clear" is typically the sign of a false positive by one antimalware program out of 65, which means that that single program is incorrectly evaluating the software while the other 64 programs show it as safe.

Second, I've downloaded and installed more software than I can possibly remember, always doing a fresh scan with Virus Total before each one, and I frequently find that Blueliv is throwing up a warning when the other 64 programs are giving the software a clean bill of health. I no longer pay the slightest attention to any evaluation from Blueliv and I've never had a single problem with any software I've downloaded where Blueliv has been the only warning on Virus Total. IMHO, Blueliv is useless rubbish and should be removed from Virus Total, as it can scare users away from perfectly good software needlessly.

@Yankiwi: Thank you for your detailed comment. It has encouraged me to try the software again! :)

Doesn't seem any better than the free Recuva. Can't imagine anybody ever paying $90 for this. A come on!

Why does my verification/activation response read?
Version: 8.5

I thought this giveaway was for version 9.5 not 8.5.

Thanks for the response,

Just FYI, I've installed the software and it comes up as Version 9.5.

Thanks Yankiwi,

I copied and pasted the message I received with the license. I had a DUH moment and didn't think to check the properties of the program. You are indeed correct it is indeed 9.5.

Thanks for the shout out and reminder to look before you leap :).


I have an account on EaseUS webpage. Why I cannot see license you just gave me which I had installed? Second question is: why support product of this give away is offered is by a "gmail" instead of official product web page? I dont want to be rude but if it's an official offer even if it's free, product should be mentioned on official product webpage and support product should be done there, but if I have issues I should send messages for aesus.todo@gmail.com (an ordinary e-mail account not an official easeus one). Best regards

Download and install went perfect. License installed upon first use.
Good question by katclanman. If I rebuild my computer at a future date, will the code work then or only for this 24 hour period?

Well, I tried several more times. Ran scans also to make sure it would work. Nothing. Still getting an error code when I try to input the license key.

I am so disappointed. I followed your instructions for the DRW download and getting the license key. To prevent errors, I copied and pasted the key. Twice. It says there was an error. This is the second software that I have downloaded on Gizmo's recommendation, that would not accept the license key it gave me. What gives?

Please tell me where to paste the key ?

I'm not currently on a computer which has the program installed, but from memory it was some blue (?) text, in the upper right quadrant of the initial screen when the program starts, which said something about purchasing or upgrading the program. I seem to recall that I clicked on that and a window popped up which asked for the registration key and provided a place in which to paste it.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for responding.
I am 73 and everything works except my memory.
You are probably correct, and I just forgot what transpired.


Thank you. I did click on the link you described - several different times. When the dialogue box comes up so I can input the info and then click Submit, is when things go south. It will not accept the license code sent to me in an email even though I copied and pasted so it would be exact. This is the second piece of software that has done this to me. No idea why it would send the code and then not accept it.

I wish I could explain it, but I can only say that I downloaded and installed the software on a total of three machines owned by various family members and each time it installed perfectly. One thought: When you copied the registration code from the original email, did you by any chance happen to include a space at either end of the code? If there was anything other than the exact characters in the code, even an extra space at either end, that could be the source of the problem. Computers are anal-retentive little beasts and demand that things be exactly as they want them; otherwise, if they don't get exactly the input they want, they get surly, dig in their heels, and refuse to cooperate. Not sure if that's the cause, but it might be worth a quick check.

Good luck. Hope that helps.

I tried to be careful but will try it again just in case. Thanks so much for your help.

It's worth noting that some security software can interfere with this function. I'm aware of Webroot being one culprit but no doubt there are others, depending also on how you have them configured. MC - Site Manager.

Hmm, thanks Rob but I pass,
Sounds good but Esaeus have been know to bundle junk (declinable ? 'built in useful tools'!) including OpenCandy with other products, how does one know this is any different? Their response here http://forum.easeus.com/viewtopic.php?t=35454 is less than convincing.

We have tested the version of EaseUS Data Recovery, there is no any opencandy, no other products.

what happens if you need to re-install it for some reason? Is the code still good?

Thanks for this one, Rob. Followed your instructions and it all went fine. This is the sort of full-strength program it's good to have but you hope never have to use. (But on a quick run through, it's an eye-opener what sort of stuff it recovers!)


There seems to be some contradictory information here. This is a trial version so I'm assuming you can't use the software for as long as you like. Does the license expire after one month? I recently installed the Rufus recovery software that was mentioned at this site so I was hoping for a different surprise.

There is nothing contradictory here. The article has explained it. On the giveaway page, when you enter the name and email address, a license code will be sent to you in the email, using which you can activate the software, in the time period, as stated. After that, the software will be registered and then you can use it for as long as you like.

"Once it's installed and activated, you can of course use the software for as long as you like".