Another Great Way To Download Youtube Videos As MP3 Tracks


The You MP3 ( is a relatively new web-based tool which converts any YouTube video into a downloadable MP3 file that you can copy to your PC, phone, or other MP3 player. This makes it really easy to carry with you an audio rendition of your favourite online videos.

You use the service, start with Youtube and copy the URL of the video you want to convert. Then head over to The You MP3 and paste that URL into the site. Within just a few seconds, your video is converted and you'll get a clickable download button. And like everything I write about here, it's free to use.

Any modern browser should work just fine. I happened to try it with Chrome on Windows 10 and had no problems.

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The trouble with services like these is that all too frequently they don't work with all videos, or they suddenly stop working entirely. (For a while there were a bunch that apparently required running a local Java applet, which were kind of creepy.)

My usual process is to download the video and then separate the audio stream using VLC.

This service works great!

I use YouTube to Mp3 Converter .
Very quick but one has to be careful when inserting URL.
That seems to work more or less identically with the suggested program above.
I don't like Chrome.

Been using youtube-mp3[dot]org for quite awhile now when needed...

Doesn't work - tried it on four different YouTube videos - "Invalid URL. Try another."

Works like a charm. Which URL is not working for you?

Same here as Fairportfan...Chrome on a Macbook Air..."Invalid URL" Pasted right from the YouTube share field. Works all the time when I use the Clip Converter website. It's a shame, I'd love to have an alternative.

Don't use shorten URL. Paste the whole URL for example and it will work fine.

Several, of several clips. Both the full URL and the YouTube "Share"( "") URL.

(Also, two different browsers - latest Firefox and Opera 12.16.)

Please paste the URL's that are not working for you, It's probably happening because the video is only available in your country.
Paste the whole URL for example

I've been using ClipConverter add-on with Firefox browser. When you're on a YouTube page, you see three tabs (ClipConverter, mp3 and mp4) on the page. Click on one of them and you either download the video or convert it to mp3 or mp4 and download it. Works like a charm.