New Chromium-Based Browser Includes Add-Ins As Standard


Google's supremely popular Chrome browser is actually based on an open source browser called Chromium. This is not unusual in the browser world. Firefox has spawned at least a dozen so-called forks, with names such as Iceweasel and Flock.

Slimjet is a new browser. Like Chrome, it's based on the Chromium source code, but with some additions and some welcome subtractions. It includes lots of extensions and add-ins as standard, so there's no need to install anything. This makes it easier for non-expert users. It comes with an ad-blocker, for example, and the ability to save the current page as a PDF file.

Welcome subtractions include the various tracking activity which Chrome sends back to Google. The makers of Slimjet promise that your privacy is better protected. And if you're already a Chrome user, you'll feel right at home with Slimjet from the start.

If you want to try Slimjet, you can download and install it alongside your other browsers. It's available in both an installable and portable version, and it's free of charge. The download is around 40 MB and the program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

To try Slimjet, head to for the download.

One welcome difference between Slimjet and Chrome is that the former is available as a single executable file, rather than as a tiny installer which then downloads lots of additional files from the internet. This makes it easier to virus-check the program before you use it, and also means that you can install it on multiple machines without having to download any file more than once.

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I have been using Epic Privacy Browser for several months. It is a Chromium fork with default built in private browsing and adblocking. Not slow on my system, but does lockup once in a long while. Seems decent. I use it for posting comments on websites that get commenting widgets broken by my normal Pale Moon / IceDragon FireFox forks with security extensions.

The extension Epic employs seemed to be added to other browsers automatically but the association was manually deleted for those browsers use without issue.

I also have used Comodo Dragon Chromium fork for a few years with uBlock and other security extensions but those also break some commenting widgets. It used to be slightly buggy but seems to be stable for the moment. It also has the same issue as Epic with encompassing extensions but includes an installation toggle on/off for that problem

Seems pretty difficult to get everything you want in a browser with only one choice these days but I will try out Slimjet - worth a try - a post a followup
11 Nov 2015 Followup:

Been using Slimjet since the above article was posted and find it plenty fast, the ad blocker works on virtually all ads, it cleans up files after itself well, and runs all Chrome add-ons I have selected. Most of all, posting comments on forums, etc. with various widgets all seem to work fine. It is updated fairly often without being pestered by too frequent versions.- now at Version (based on Chromium 44.0.2403.130)

It is now my default / goto browser for all general internet uses and all the others are for massive security & control when needed.

Further to my post on 8th October, I've been trialing SlimJet for a few days. Not much difference to my default browser, SRWare Iron.
If anything, SlimJet is a bit slower loading some pages...... so it was worth a try but I'll stay with SRWare Iron.
Thanks rob

I've been using it for a few days now and so far I like the features like the right click screen capture, the built in ad block and I like being able to post something i like to my Facebook page without a bunch of cutting and pasting. I think the clincher for even giving it an extended trial was that it mimics Chrome so closely it was a pretty seamless switch.

I've been noticing changes to the toolbar that have included Amazon and Ebay. I didn't add them.
The probability of Slimjet (or anybody) doing something completely for free (zero money involved) is not likely. Slimjet is motivated by something.

I removed ebay and Amazon and Facebook from the toolbar. But I went to an article and I get a popup asking me if I want to share on FB. I don't even do FB. I don't normally use a download manager so I am not sure how they behave but today I tried to download two video files and they wouldn't download together and both kept stopping, sometimes after a minute sometimes 2-3 minutes. One of them always restarted when I hit go.

Works fine in Windows 10 but buggy in Linux (I use Linux Lite based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS).

I tried it. Big download. The toolbar icons are pretty rough. I put on it the same extensions as I use on Chrome. It wasn't any faster at all, it seemed about the same. The adblocker doesn't begin to compare to uBlock. I like trying new browsers as I have issues with Chrome. The only one I ever found better and it was better in 2002 than Chrome has ever got (more features still) is Morequick's GreenBrowser (an IE shell really). Unfortunately for the last few years it has scarcely been functional, very slow. Sad that. Genius browser.

Slimjet seems ok, but not an improvement.

I think Opera is smoother.... more refined..
And Slimjet isn't a new browser been around for a couple of years at least..
Plus it loads slow it tries to open all the tabs at 5-10 at a time so if you have 50 tabs you just as well go have lunch because if you try doing anything with it before it's done loading it'll freeze up

Unfortunately, no Mac version.

My major concern is privacy. It may not be sending info back to Google, but is it sending info to someone else?
Like there's a portable and contained version.

Thank you Rob!
Finally a portable browser.
Will download it immediately and give it a whirl.

Although there are a few good contenders, Slimjet is the best Chrome spin-off yet! :)

As a die-hard Firefox fan, never thought i'd say something like that.

Currently using Slimjet on Linux Deepin and it's performing well. MC -Site Manager

Thanks rob,
I've been a dedicated SRWare Iron user for a few years now but I'm going to give slimjet a whirl just to see how it stacks up..... so far, so good.