An Amazingly Addictive Browser-Based Game


If you always thought that Tetris was a great game, but that it sometimes managed to get too fast and frantic, check out a superb new game called Hex FRVR. No, I don't know what the FRVR stands for either. Presumably "Forever".

The game is reminiscent of Tetris, in that you have to slot combinations of coloured blocks into a board, and if you manage to fill a whole line then that line disappears. However, Hex has some neat variations. The board is hexagonal. The pieces don't drop by gravity - instead you drag and drop them at your own pace, so you can plan your gameplay without being rushed. And there are loads more variations too, which make this altogether a completely novel game.

Give it a try. Just point your browser at and start playing. It's free, too.

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I kept the same game going for several days until it just beat me, score 197,330. I captured the screen for proof, but don't know how to post it in this comment, or even if that would be allowed.

Webroot blocks this site as containing "suspicious content" - any ideas what that might be?

It is completely safe. I find if an installed antimalware program is difficult to understand or gives too many false positives, it is better to change it for something else. I use Panda free which consistently outperforms most everything else, paid or otherwise. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks. I played two games after the news last night. The second game I did well. I meant to go to bed before 1:30, but when I finished the second game I checked the clock and it was 3:10! I had no idea. Oh well, I scored 46,640. :-)

Doesn't work for me. I get a black screen; the music works and I can click on stuff on the screen but can't see anything. Same with the card game.

Great game, but has anybody found any instructions for how to play this game?? How, for example, can one learn about these "loads more variations"? Does the game vary with each round? When does a round end? NOTE FOR NEWBIES: The hexes that fill up a line don't have to be all the same color.