A Freeware Tool For Rotating Movie Files


When you shoot video on a small camcorder or smartphone, it's all too easy to inadvertently record footage that's upside down or sideways. If you're watching back the recording on a phone, that's not a problem - just rotate the phone in your hand. But that's not so easy if you copy the file to a PC and you want to be able to view it comfortably.

Movie Rotator is a free program for Windows 7 or above, which rotates a movie file and lets you save the converted version. Its user interface is incredibly simple. One button loads a movie from your hard disk and starts it playing. Two other buttons rotate the currently-playing image right or left by 90 degrees. A fourth button saves the rotated movie file back to your PC.

It can take a few minutes to save the rotated file, but this is a once-only job so timing isn't too important.

You'll find the download at http://www.movierotator.com/ and it's a 0.5 MB download. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. Although the program is free of charge, the author asks for a small donation if you find it useful. This is optional.


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Have been trying to Rotate with VLC media player. 18 steps and still couldn't get it to take.
Installed Movie Rotator, Open > Rotate > Save. Boom! Done!
Don't know what I'd do without this website. Thanks.

This is handy since most people (for some unknown reason) hold their phone vertically when shooting photos and videos instead of horizontal like most wide screen TVs and monitors are oriented.

Thanks rob,

another case of "just what i needed !"
My son emailed me six videos of a walk-around-virtual tour of the interior of his new house. They are about 12 hours drive from here so we won't be able to get there any time soon to see their house.
.... anyways, the videos that he took using hi phone or ipad were all upside down so I've been turning my computer monitor upside down on the desk to view them. LOL
Yeah, I know that it could have been fixed easily but I'm a tad over the hill (LOL again)

Your nice freebie did it so well !

Nice one.