How to Disable the New User Profile Menu in the Chrome Browser


Here’s a quick tip for users of the Chrome browser.

Google has recently added a menu to the upper right corner of Chrome that provides for management of profiles. It displays an avatar or picture and your profile name. If you are the only user of the browser, you might consider removing it. I got tired of seeing my picture and name sitting there and have disabled the menu. Here is the procedure:

  1. Enter “chrome://flags” (without quotes) into the Chrome address bar.
  2. You will get a warning so be careful what you click on.
  3. Scroll down until you find the entry “Enable new profile management system”. (It’s pretty far down.)
  4. In the drop-down menu, select “Disabled”. The graphic below shows an example of the entry.
  5. Click the button “Relaunch Now” that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Chrome profile managent setting

Chrome will restart and the new avatar menu will be gone. If you want the profile management back, go to step 4 above and choose “Default” in the drop-down menu.

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I note your fix on the CHROME menu and hope you have a comparable fix I haven't seen on GMAIL. Their profile demand is, to me, obscene !, yes, I'm a nut, but that's MY privacy they want to invade.
I also have some weird gmail questions, , Please aim me to a link where I can inquire of some one that has used and (hopefully) abused gmail. Thanks

This link has a variety of GMail tips.

It's funny that Google has removed their new horrible bookmarks manager, but the account manager stayed. Guess this is where they're going.

Thank you so much for this information! Super helpful. When this thing showed up in the top right corner, I actually deleted and re-installed Chrome to see if it would go away. (obviously, no joy)
This is going to be a better day, thanks to you!

This is surely a replacement feature, rather than a new feature (and not a particularly good replacement at that). Until just days ago, Chrome (when multiple profiles were in use) featured an avatar in the top LEFT corner, allowing one to open a new Window with a different profile. As the old menu allowed one to have multiple Windows open under different profiles, rather than “Switch(ing) Person(s)”.

Thanks, Vic! This was very helpful. Now if someone can figure out how disable the stupid 'ghost URL' thingies that continually popup in the lower left corner of the screen, my life would be MUCh easier!