All About the Windows 10 Upgrade App Including How to Get Rid of it


Microsoft is keen to get all owners of legitimate Windows 7 and 8.1 systems to upgrade to Windows 10. The company has begun pushing an app that offers a way to reserve a free download of Windows 10 when it becomes available toward the end of July. If you have Windows updates enabled on systems with Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update, the app shows up automatically as a Windows icon in the notification area on the right side of the system tray. The image below shows the first screen of the upgrade app.

Windows 10 upgrade app

A variety of information about the Windows 10 upgrade process is provided by Microsoft at these two articles that have just been published:

But suppose you don’t want to reserve an upgrade to Windows 10 at this time? Here are two ways to get rid of the app.

1. Remove the app icon from the taskbar – Open the “Customize” dialog by clicking  the small up-arrow at the left of the notification area and choose “Hide icon and notifications” for the icon labelled “GWX’. This does not actually remove the upgrade app but just hides it.

2. To actually remove the upgrade app, uninstall the Windows update KB3035583. This can be done in the Installed Updates section of Control Panel. I have tried this on a Windows 7 system and it worked fine. However, Windows updates can be problematic and the responsibility for the results of uninstalling rests with the user.You will still have the option to download and reinstall this Windows update. Once you have removed update KB3035583, Windows will continue to try to reinstall it unless you mark it as hidden.

Added later: Ghacks has a list of additional Windows updates to be removed but there are comments there about problems caused by some of these removals. To repeat, choosing whether to remove any updates is the responsibility of the user. Always back up first.

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MS has apparently disabled the 'Uninstall' button for the Win10 update.

I've never had a Windows upgrade forced on me before. I prefer the classic desktop. I know nothing about Windows 10 figuring I'd wait and see what others thought about it first before even considering upgrading. Is there a classic desktop option available in Windows 10 or must we learn how to use the computer all over again. Thank goodness for "Classic Shell" or I'd be lost.

Selecting Hide... in the customise notification area window only has effect until the computer is restarted, it reappears with "show icon and notifications" enabled after a shutdown/restart. Even selecting "only show notificatios" resets after a restart.

Even though I have reserved the upgrade the icon is still there and a message about it now shows in Control Panel/Windows Update instead of the normal "No Updates/Updates available" dialogue.

It was heard that those with 'Pirated Versions' of Win_7 or Win_8 or 8.1, are also going to have an option for a free upgrade ?
Is it true ?

Are we going to have an option to burn an 'ISO image' of the new OS ???

Nobody knows. Microsoft has not been clear. See this post

I unknowingly installed some earlier Windows Updates to my Win7 pc preparing for Win10. they *** my PC display on Chrome in a variety of ways when I tried System Restore it had become disabled (I read elsewhere about a similar effect) does anyone know a workaround to restore SysRestore so I can dump this 10 Trash and restore my beautiful desktop to Win 7 ?

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According to this article, KB3035583 was issued 3 times: On my own W8.1 x64 system it was installed twice, and that is only because I reinstalled Windows in April. Another strange thing is I can't find KB3035583 when searching from Explorer. Is this happening to anyone else?

What happens when you upgrade to Windows 10? Will it wipe out your whole hard drive, or the Windows 7 or 8 partition with all your data, or just upgrade the operating system?

I have several PCs, all of which dual (or triple) boot Linux, along with (usually seldom used) Windows 7 . Would the upgrade wipe out my Linux partitions, along with my data? If that happened, it would take me an hour or two to reinstall Linux and my data, and get it back to the way I like it. And it sounds like the best action would be to keep 7 until it dies in 2020 (or the PC dies).

A typical upgrade has the option for a clean install or for retaining personal files. I do not personally know what happens to a dual boot system but this link says Windows 10 upgrade keeps the Linux partition but removes grub.

BTW check this link for some old Windows features that get removed when you upgrade. 

Thanks. I'll probably just reach for my SuperGrubDisk if the time comes to restore grub; it's pulled my dupa out of the fire a few times already.

No DVD playback on Win 10? Yet another reason to run Linux.

That's a really silly reason to run Linux. You can easily install VLC or PotPlayer to run DVDs, which most of the people running Windows do anyways.. they are much better than WMP.

That's a subset of the "Linux includes a whole lot of applications that you don't have to install or update separately" reason to install Linux, at

Let's not make it a debate about Windows or Linux, here on a Windows article. Better keep it for forum.