Website of the Week: Culturally Curious? Check out the Google Cultural Institute


Explore cultural treasures in extraordinary detail. Discover artworks, collections, places and stories from all around the world in a new way.

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This is another site where it's easy to lose time, and as a bonus you don't need a Google account to take advantage of this great site. :)
The main sections are World Wonders, Historic Moments, the Art Project, Digital Exhibitions and 360° Virtual Tours.
There are Live Art Talks, Collections, and User Galleries to explore.
There's a zoom section that discovers hidden details with images in ultra high-resolution, allowing you to see artworks in extraordinary detail and experience artwork far beyond what is visible to the naked eye.
The museum view provides indoor and outdoor views of the world's museums and hard-to-reach heritage sites.
Most of the places around the world I visited were in English, and some were in the language of the exhibition or collection.
Two areas I enjoyed on a recent visit were the Street Art category and a visit to the Bolshoi Theatre.
There's also a handy tour and video to get you started.

Visit the Google Cultural Institute


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Another winner, yes, this one can suck you in for hours!

Thanks again rhiannon. :)

Nice one rhiannon,
so easy to spend a few hours on this one.... some beautiful old black & white pics which I find magnificent.

Thanks, nice selections. Good share!