Favourite Windows Remote Desktop Manager Gets A Refresh


One of the most useful features of Windows is Remote Desktop.  It lets you view and operate a computer across the internet, just as if you were sitting in front of it.  For supporting friends or family in their hour of need, it's a useful facility, and if you look after a bunch of servers for a living (as I do) then it's essential.  And while there are plenty of commercial products that let you manage multiple RD connections, many people (including myself) are of the opinion that the best one happens to be a freebie from Microsoft called Remote Desktop Connection Manager.

RDC Manager 2.2 was launched in 2010, and after more than 4 years of waiting it's finally been upgraded.  The latest release is 2.7, which features a number of bug fixes, more features, better compatibility with Windows 8.x and Server 2012, and more.  You can now summon the Windows 8 charms remotely if you so wish, and logging off from a remote server is less likely to produce a strange error message.

You'll find the download at https://filehippo.com/download_remote_desktop_connection_manager/ and it's around 1.2 MB. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.
Note: this program has been deprecated by Microsoft and is no longer available from Microsoft.

Note that, if you're upgrading from version 2.2, start by ticking the "store my passwords in plain text" in version 2.2 before installing the new version, otherwise 2.7 won't be able to read any saved passwords.  Once you've upgraded, 2.7 will re-encrypt your passwords for you.



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Listen to us fanboys go on!

Well i'm going to join the list. I've been using RemoteUtilities for 6 months now and have it on many PCs and i am very happy. It has literally every feature the others do (even paid ones) and they all work.

My beef with TeamViewer is that your traffic goes thru their servers. At least, as far as i can tell. I personally want privacy. And they track your usage, and if your usage pattern starts to look commercial, they warn you then cut you off.

2 negatives on RemoteUtilities tho:

1. When playing video on a remote PC the video slows down--even for a person sitting in front of the remote PC. (I haven't tried it but splashtop claims to be optimized for remote video.)

2. Also, i use this product every day, but every, say, 2 weeks i have to restart either the remote host or the local viewer or both, cuz the ctrl and shift keyboard key modifiers stop going thru. I'm using the older v5.6 there is a new v6.0 out which perhaps fixes it, i dont know.

Oh boy...very strange...I never had theses 2 issues using TeamViewer (videos play normally...).
I switched to Anydesk 3 months ago which is a improved TeamViewer...also whithout theses issues.

Connect to me...we will conduct a test! Just install AnyDesk(portable)...Let me know!

I checked out AnyDesk's website. Nice sleek new-style website. I was impressed. But there website kindof implied that they were only free in beta. Not clear.

"The beta phase will end as soon as the product is stable. Then, all beta licences will be changed to "AnyDesk Free" licenses auto­mati­cally". My understanding of this is the "AnyDesk Free" version, beta products will change too, will have restrictions. What these will be exactly remains to be seen. MC - Site Manager.

TeamViewer is great but AnyDesk (same TeamViewer programmers) is better. I recently switched from TeamViewer to AnyDesk. No regrets. In facts, AnyDesk is a TeamViewer improved.

Just try and you will switch.

I too am a huge Teamviewer fan, I have been using it for years.

I'm a TeamViewer fan -- bigtime. Its helped me out in so many ways that would be impossible with other products. It runs on all Windows versions, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, Android, and BlackBerry systems and you can connect across platforms.

Their website provides a two click "instant download" that even the difficult folks who call me for help can navigate using my verbal or text instructions.

I can copy and paste text, files, pictures between systems (and platforms) using its file manager or the clipboard. I can also access remote cloud drives (dropbox, mozy, spideroak, etc.) and print remote docs locally.

For other applications it can run as a service for unattended access, it can also provide a concurrent or standalone VPN channel and it can be used for meetings.

My only trick for you is to set the remote team viewer to run as administrator on windows systems, otherwise you can get stuck if you initiate any security pop ups.

TeamViewer is cross-platform and works on Linux. I've also used Remmina. It doesn't have as many features but it's open source.

Chrome Remote Desktop App is my current favorite remote desktop. Chrome Remote Desktop is cross platform so long as everyone has Chrome.Chrome Remote Desktop is also Android friendly. CRD requires some handshaking while both parties are otherwise communicating. I consider this a good security feature.
I also use Google Voice for a hands-free and no minutes charged experience.

Unless I've missed something, RDC requires one of the computers to be Pro or better. Connecting Home Premium to another Home Premium is not possible. TeamViewer has no such restrictions, is lightweight, fast, rock solid, and has the ability to operate on LAN only (e.g. your home network) if desired.

I too have been using Teamviewer for a while, is there any advantage of this over it?

Teamviewer has the advantage that it works with all versions of Windows. You can only use RDC to connect into a PC if you're running the Pro or Enterprise or Ultimate versions. If you have home/starter etc, it won't work and you'll need to use something like Teamviewer instead. There are other differences too, such as around the level of security required to gain access (and thus the level of security you need to give the remote caller). You'd certainly need to consider the security implications before allowing RDC connections through your firewall. If teamviewer works for you, then stick with it.

I have been using Teamviewer happily for years, how do they compare?

Exactly the same as apples to oranges.