How to Block Ads on Adblock Plus Paid Whitelist


Adblock Plus is a widely used free browser add-on for controlling the ads shown on web pages. For some time the add-on has employed a whitelist that allows certain kinds of ads to pass through and to be displayed. Google has previously been reported to be paying to get its ads displayed. Now, it has just been reported that a number of large companies such as Microsoft are also paying to be whitelisted. However, the paid whitelist can be circumvented. Here is how to configure three common browsers to block ads that are whitelisted by Adblock Plus.

Configure Adblock Plus in Google Chrome

  1. Right-click the Adblock Plus icon in menu bar
  2. Choose “Options’ in the menu that opens
  3. Click the tab “Filter lists” if it is not already selected
  4. Uncheck “Allow some non-intrusive advertising”

There is also a tab “Whitelisted domains”. If you click this tab, you can see a list of the domains that have been whitelisted by user action. These are generated by the option to allow ads on domains that you personally want to support or allow ads.

Configure Adblock Plus in Firefox

  1. Left-click the dropdown menu by the Adblock Plus icon in the menu bar
  2. Choose “Filter Preferences” from the menu that opens
  3. Uncheck “Allow non-intrusive advertising” 

Configure Adblock Plus in Internet Explorer 11

  1. Enable the Status bar if it is not already available
  2. Click the Adblock Plus icon on the right of the Status bar
  3. Click “Settings” in the menu that opens
  4. Uncheck “Allow some non-intrusive advertising”

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I am going to try uBlock but I warn anyone using Adblock that uncheck “Allow non-intrusive advertising” and a while later it is checked again.

WOW it is amazing how LONG the "non-intrusive advertising" list is.
Thanks Gizmo for the tip.
Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

run IE9 and I tried the instruction for IE 11 but I don't have anything on the status bar except zoom so it's impossible to implement in IE9.

I would like to know how some of the respondits who say they installed it in IE9 did so.

Does anyone know if uBlock is being developed for IE?

uBlock is the way to go

Agree with that. uBlock is much lighter than the bloated AdBlock Plus and faster.

Have Win7 with IE9 & Firefox...just changed both following above directions with no problems. Thanks for the info. Always wondered why a few ads kept coming through.

Yep! ublock doesn't support Internet Explorer. Thank you jonbourne for that qualification.

I use Adblock Plus with IE9. Is there a way to make it work with 9? When I first started using it, it made my browser loading much faster but I would be interested in making it work for the reasons this tip was posted.

I don't have a copy of IE9 to look at but the procedure is likely to be similar to that for IE11. Maybe someone with IE9 can verify.

Agreed. There's absolutely no reason to not use uBlock. It's available for FF & Chrome.

as x4rgon said - uBlock is, by far, superior to Adblock Plus or Adblock Edge (the latter of which does not allow ads by default) - uBlock doesn't slow browser loading and can block images and 1st and 3rd party JS globally or per domain

Stopped using ADBLOCK (plus or non plus) a while ago - uBLOCK - way to go !