Develop Web Sites On Your Own PC Easily And Safely


If you create web sites for a living or a hobby, or perhaps if you've always wanted to try, you will be aware that you need a web server on which to host your finished pages and files.  It's generally sensible to trust this hosting to a company which specialises in doing it, rather than attempting to turn your own home PC into a webserver.

If you're merely experimenting, however, and creating web pages that are purely for your own consumption, there's no need to go to the expense or inconvenience of setting up any external hosting, nor of having to upload your pages to the remote server every time you change something.  Instead, why not set up a simple web server environment on your own computer.

One product that makes this easy is Uniform Server.  You can download it from - just click the orange button on the left hand side of the page, then choose the latest version from the top of the page which subsequently appears.  The download is around 28 MB and the program is malware-free according to VrusTotal and Web of Trust.

Run the downloaded file to unzip it, and you're all ready go to.  There's nothing to install, as everything is portable.  To start, just click on the UniController.exe file, and your server will start up.  If you don't need or want MySQL for now, just cancel the prompt to supply a password for it.

If everything is working correctly, you'll see a web page.  This is being served from your own server.  To change the web site, just amend the contents of the www folder within the UniServer folder.  You can create HTML or PHP files easily.

For safety, when you're not using the system, run the UniController again and tick the option to stop apache.  This means that your web server is no longer running, and thus there's no chance of anyone trying to hack your site.



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The title is a bit misleading; the term "Develop" suggest the article is about some sort of web development IDE or suite.

I suggest using "Host" instead of "Develop" (for the title).

I specifically said "develop" for a good reason. I do not recommend hosting web sites on your own PC, for all sorts of reasons. Bandwidth and security to name just 2. But having a local web server during the development phase can be very useful. Apologies for the confusion.

I use XAMPP on Windows and have done for quite a few years. Works well and I wonder what advantage this has. There is I believe a Linux version called LAMPP?

Does anybody know a similar program for Linux?

Have a look at XAMPP.