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The original site in the article below is no longer available. YouTube Downloader & Converter is a fast and easy to use site that converts YouTube videos to MP3s and other formats like MP4, WAV, WEBM and more.



For converting Youtube videos into MP3 files, to copy onto my portable player, I've always been a fan of a free online service called  But it's occasionally unavailable for long periods, which can be infuriating.

My thanks, therefore, to user "GoGeorge", for telling me about  Like vixy, this service is easy to use and completely free.  Enter the full URL of a YouTube video, wait a couple of minutes for the conversion to happen, then click on the download link to grab your finished MP3 file.  Simple.

There's even a free add-on for Firefox or Chrome that adds a "download as MP3" button to, so you don't even have to trouble yourself to copy and paste the URL.  




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YouTube mp3 pops up in French (which I can read). After converting and downloading the mp3 file I cannot find it anywhere on my PC. YouTube mp3 FAQ says "the download destination is completely out of our control.". This program does not work for me.Don