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If you've ever seen a composer sat at a piano, writing a tune by scribbling dots onto special music paper, you've probably been tempted to have a go yourself.  And the first question you've probably asked yourself is "how come he's doing it by hand, and isn't there a computer program to do it?".

Needless to say, there are such programs available.  And because they're often aimed at professional musicians, they tend to cost hundreds of dollars a time.

Forte 6, released just a couple of days ago, is the latest version of a music scoring program which doesn't cost the earth.  Actually, the basic version is completely free of charge, and does pretty much everything that you might want.  You can drag and drop your notes straight onto the paper, and edit them as you wish. And there's no need to be an accomplished musician, as the program will play your composition as you go, so you can hear how it sounds.

You'll find the free version of Forte 6 at http://www.fortenotation.com/en/transaction/downloads/ along with links to all the other versions too.  It's a 34 MB download, and malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  It should work on all recent versions of Windows - I tried it on 8.1 and it worked perfectly.

So release your inner Chopin and give it a try.




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MuseScore is open source, runs native on Linux, and...well, I think it's better.

I couldn't find out how to make a comment of my own, only to comment on this comment by vandamme. I am a Linux user and so I will try MuseScore. I thought the tutorial for Forte was excellently done but in order to finish the install on WINE on Ubuntu you need to install Java. Well I already have Java installed ... so I should have been able to skip this step but it wouldn't let me and when I tried to reinstall using WINE internet explorer it wouldn't go to the JAVA web-site so I give up.

I am not impressed that the Setup program it didn't recognize that Java was already installed.

I may try to install Forte on my wife's Win7 laptop just to use it a little so that I can rate it. How do I start my own comment in here. I couldn't fine an empty box or a button that says leave a comment. Has anybody been successful in installing and running this on WINE?

The "New comment" box is at the bottom of all the comments.

You can go to the Wine app data base and give a (thumbs down) report on Forte. It might help out other folks. https://appdb.winehq.org/

Another thing thant helps Linux is to contact Forte and explain you'd love to be a customer but can't get their trial to run on Ubuntu.

rjl, when you are logged in on the site, then, at the end of the page of any article, you should see a heading "Post new comment", with your name, and a comment box. There you can write your comment and post it, and it will start a new comment.

Rob Schifreen's contributions: always music to the ears.

I'm not sure what changes are available between the free versions of Forte 5 and Forte 6 - at least, it wasn't obvious from their promotion of the product. The improved changes all seem to attach only to the commercial versions.
Both free Forte versions are very admirable editors but they have - for me at least - one serious limitation. Neither, as far as I can see, allows for layout adjustment, so you're stuck if you need fewer staff lines to the page (as, e.g., you'll want for many classical guitar scores).
If you're wanting a much more full-featured free notation editor, I'd recommend the latest version of MuseScore - version 2.0 beta 1 - which is, in my experience, even easier to use than Forte. MuseScore allows for layout changes not to mention a wealth of extras for score notation.

@ Rob,
I don't say thank you near enough so...

Thank You Near Enough,

michael clyde