How To Block Ads On All The Leading Webmail Systems


I've been a user of Gmail since pretty much the day it launched.  Mail from my own domains also gets forwarded there, because it's the easiest way to read email on a desktop PC, phone, and tablet.  But sometimes the adverts displayed alongside messages irritate me, especially when they're worryingly relevant to the content of a message I'm reading.

If you use Chrome as your browser, and you use a web-based mail system such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or, check out a free extension called Webmail Ad Blocker.  Once installed and activated, it prevents ads from appearing on the screen when you're reading messages, which frees up some screen space and lets you concentrate on the task in hand.  

You'll find it at and it's free.



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As ppmartin said, why not just use adblockplus. Availaible for Firefox and Chrome.

Another nice find from Rob -- but seriously, it'd help if the article could be slightly revised so that it isn't solely about Chrome (which I don't use.) As bernardz says, there's a similar webmail ad blocker for Firefox. . . and yes, it works perfectly: I already have it installed for those occasions when I need to read emails online.

It's also worth mentioning, I think, the work of that particular developer: Jason Savard, because Jason is one of those self-taught freeware genii we'd all be lost without. I have Jason's annotatable webpage screen shot app and his gmail checker. In the spirit of non-profit private enterprise, I'd definitely recommend checking him out.

Is there an andriod version?

ah, just one of the things you have to put up with in new versions of FF. i get no ads at all in FF20 and have no security problems with it. its almost funny to see the irks that people have when running the latest.

Adblock Plus also does the trick.

Just installed the Firefox version. Nice. Also, I am not certain without more testing, but it appears to have a side benefit. The ads on right side of screen in Google when using their search engine also seem to have disappeared as well. REAL nice.

I have used it for awhile now and its very good. A firefox version can be found here. It maybe worthwhile to add this link to your article here Rob.

Thankfully, disabling Javascript momentarily lets me revert to the basic version of Gmail which I can set as the 'default view' and I never see ads and only revert to 'standard view' for bulk deleting or features in 'Compose Mail'. Thankfully.
michael clyde

What "got my goat" was the recent forced ads on top of one of the tabs at top. Looked like a floating separate email message - always on top of stack

I had to reduce my number of tabs in GMAIL to 4 from 5 to get rid of the ads.

Sad, very sad. I may have to leave GMAIL oneday. they are very unresponsive to users.

It's not so much the presence of the advertisements I find annoying as their tendency to make some emails unreadable by overlapping content. There is a Firefox add-on by the same name so thanks for making me search.