Yet Another Set Of Free World Newspaper Front Pages


My recent postings giving details of web sites which offer free scans of newspaper front pages has generated a lot of feedback from readers, which is much appreciated.  Before I retire the topic for a few months, here's one final site to try out.  It's called Kiosko and you'll find it at for the English language version.  The site is also available in French and Spanish if you prefer - just follow the links once you get there.

There's a wide selection of front pages from numerous countries, and clicking on an image will open up a larger picture that's much more readable.  

So if you fancy a change from your regular news web site, to get a more balanced view of what's happening in the world, you now have 3 choices of excellent sites to try, all of which are completely free to use:

Take your pick!  And my thanks to reader Quetzalcoatl for this tip.  As always, if you have any Hot Finds, or additions to anything that I publish, please drop me an email direct to and I'll check it out.



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Only one (major) problem with Kiosko: front pages are available from only 20 of 50 states, plus D.C.

Rob, in my home state (South Australia), if you are a member of any public library in the State, the card number you are given has access to the website, which claims to have access to 3,000 newspapers worldwide. It's not just the front page, it's the complete newspaper you can access. I've been using it for a few years now and it works well.
According to their Help menu: " is the most convenient and complete way to read all your favorite newspapers and magazines on one site. With Library PressDisplay users gain access to publications from within the library, from home and around the world on the day they are published. enhances your reading experience with a simple user interface and easy-to-use navigation tools."
Trust this helps.