Get a New Look on the Windows Desktop with More Interesting and Colorful Cursors


The plain old standard mouse pointers may serve you well most of the time but now and then there comes a point when you want something different. Maybe you are like me and your eyes are not what they used to be. So you’d like cursors that are easier to find on the screen. Maybe you give presentations and your audience needs more striking cursors in order to follow what you are doing. Or maybe you just want something jazzier for a change. One way to make changing and managing cursors easier is to use a free program called Cursor Commander.

Cursor Commander is from the prolific developer at Winaero. You can change cursors in the Control Panel mouse settings but this program provides a convenient alternative with a set of new cursors. A detailed description of managing cursors with Cursor Commander is given at the developer’s site. The download page is here. To make best use of the utility, you will want to download some of the 50 cursor packs offered on this Winaero page. Click on a particular cursor package to download it. Do watch out for download links in the ads that this site has. The cursors are zipped files with a special format called CursorPack that is described at the bottom of the Winaero page here. Installing these cursor packs is very easy.

The program comes in a 1.1 MB ZIP file with separate installers for Windows 7 and 8.x. The program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 or higher. It is not a portable program and you should make a restore point before installing it. An example of the interface is shown in the graphic below. It shows several of the available cursor packs that have been downloaded.

Cursor Commander

A limitation of the program is the requirement to use the special CursorPack format. However, within that framework, it makes switching entire cursor themes very easy.

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Running Windows 8.1 Update 1 and CursorFX is just fine! Infact all the Stardock products that I have installed run fine.

CursorFX is not compatible with Windows 8 according to the Stardock site.
I use cursors that came along with Faenza Skin Pack for Windows ...

Please post link? :)

Great utility and an even greater website. I counted 56 freeware utilities from Winaero. Also, the last stable release of Winamp and 500+ skins are available. The one flag out of 55 scan can certainly be ignored.

Malwaerebytes says site is a NO GO!

My Malwarebytes doesn't flag it. Sergey is a good guy and makes some awesome treaking software. It is good enough that some companies have inserted some of his code into PAID programs

Malwarebytes on my system says the program is clean. Winaero is a well-known site. VirusTotal does raise one flag out of 54 scans but these false positives happen. Naturally, if you are uneasy about the program, you should skip it.