Website of the Week: Worldmeters: Real Time World Statistics


Track world statistics in real time at this great site.

Worldometers tracks statistics around the world in a wide variety of areas:

  • World Population
  • Government and Economics
  • Society and Media
  • Environment
  • Food
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Health

The categories might seem a little dry but there are many items of interest. New book titles, number of cell phones sold, number of cars or bicycles produced today, and how many Google searches and Tweets are a few of the more interesting statistics. 

Worldmeters: Real Time World Statistics

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Thanks rhiannon. An interesting (frightening?) statistic is that there are alomost twice as many overweight as undernourished people in the world!

Nice one rhiannon....thanks for sharing !

excellent find, rhiannon - thanks for turning us on to it.

and no, not "dry" at all - in fact their 'about' page ( and their 'sources' page ( are rich with additional information.

thanks again -