Give Your Gmail Messages a New Look with this HTML Formatting Tip


Most of the time, simple formatting of a Gmail message is all you want. However, if the occasion arises for some fancier formatting, it turns out that there are a number of HTML tags that Gmail supports. A former Google employee has posted an unofficial list on his blog. He also gives a list of HTML tags that don’t work. Lists of both supported and unsupported tags are at this link. Below is a table of supported tags created from the list at the cited reference..


HTML formatted text cannot be entered directly when composing a message. You will just get the raw HTML markup. To use HTML tags, enter your formatted text with its tags into Notepad or other editor and save with an HTML extension (not TXT). Then open the HTML file with your browser. Copy the message from the open browser page and paste it into a Gmail message. Be sure you are in the "rich formatting" mode for the Gmail editor.

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No reason for any red face, Vic. Sorry to have lumbered you with extra work!

Helpful info as ever, and appreciated, likewise, as ever. But might I be allowed to add a little caveat here? The HTML tag support referred to seems almost overwhelmingly of relevance to users of Google Chrome only. Folks like me who've had quite enough of Google in their lives and, therefore, would no more use Chrome than they'd use IE, seem unlikely to benefit:the link I went to flashed up an alert to the effect that, "at the moment", the Firefox browser isn't, er, fully supported. Just thought I'd mention this.

My face is red. I goofed big time and left out a crucial point. You can't enter HTML into a Gmail message directly but have to copy and paste from a browser or HTML editor. I will correct the tip. Thanks, Mike, for waking me up. Firefox should work then.