My Favoured Youtube Downloader Of The Moment


It's often useful to be able to download a Youtube video in order to view it offline.  While the web is full of programs and sites claiming to offer such a facility, they are sometimes expensive.  And those that are free tend to disappear without warning, so the system you used last week no longer works today.

A couple of days ago I needed to download a large (800 MB) video from Youtube, and a little searching took me to Keepvid ( as a system to try.  And it worked perfectly.  Just go to the site, paste in the address of the Youtube video you want, and within a couple of seconds you're presented with a whole host of download links as shown below.  You can download the complete video in a number of different sizes and formats.  If you only want the audio, or just the video, that's catered for too.  Grabbing just the audio means you end up with a track that you can copy to your iPod, smartphone or other music player.

My only gripe is that Keepvid requires that you have downloaded and installed Java.  If, like me, this makes you feel somewhat unclean, you can always remove it from your computer after you've finished your downloading.



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Just tried using fullrip dot net to download/convert a video. It seems to be infected with malware per scan with xxx.unmaskparasites dot com/.

May need to find another video downloader. It redirects to other sites. Do not know what it does to system if FAKE-installer is run.

I quit using keepvid the day they insisted on having java installed. For a long time I have refused to install java and I try to avoid anything and everything that requires it.

I find youtubedownloader hd works good get the portable version though as the regular one might contain open candy

Also a number of firefox addons such as complete youtubedownloader seem to get the job done

As with any video downloader service or program what works today may not work tomorrow and it is all a matter of keeping things uptodate, because services change methods and the cat and mouse game continues

I have often used for Youtube audio downloads from music videos. No software to download; no logins. Is fast and quality is excellent. They also have option for various formats of video.

I prefer ( and JDownloader. for dash stream demux and muxing use ffcoder (or ffmpeg) and mkvmerge (or any muxer).for unwanted ads use adblockplus(free)/ad muncher/adfender(free)/adguard etc. also I prefer offline installers.

As catester stated, an install is required. Why isn't this mentioned in the review of keepvid. I am not familiar with iLivid, but no way to I blindly accept an installer when one is led to believe you just download the file. They provide a regular method and a faster method. I assumed the faster method was with the install. Also no description of the difference between the methods. Why is keepvid recommended, and without any description of this install. I'm disappointed in this recommendation being on Gizmo's site.

iLivid is total crap scumware. Spyware in it's own right, and then brings in ads that look like legitimate windows warnings to download even more dangerous stuff. STAY AWAY FROM IT.

This is only an issue is Javascript is enabled and addblocking extensions are not being used, so it is a matter of general user education and not the fault of published content such as this. Under the same circumstances, "download" links to unwanted material will be presented by sites all over the internet. We try our best to advise on this in general terms and have published information pages here. When computer users however choose to surf blindly they will end up with an infected or otherwise compromised machine. This is inevitable and it is unfair to suggest we should withhold content from our readers because these links appear on the source pages. In fact if we did this, most of what we have published on the site would be eliminated. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks MidnightCowboy.
I strongly agree with you. specially when you say: "When computer users choose to surf blindly they will end up with an infected or otherwise compromised machine"
If we surf with a candid attitude, as you say: "most of what we have published on the site would be eliminated".
Thanks again and regards.

Following that link and clicking on Download offered me a downloader from the scum at iLivid. I make a living cleaning up people's computers, and I know from bitter experience that iLivid will litter people's browsers with pop-ups, invite all its rude little friends in, and that it is impossible for most non-tech-savvy users to remove on their own.

I can't possibly recommend this, because most people who would use it would simply click on OK OK OK OK and end up with iLivid. Please rethink the recommendation, or at the very least warn people about this.

I'm sorta-kinda partial to ClipConverter, the add-on for Firefox. I like it 'cause it's so convenient - when I watch a video, the CC icons are right there under the frame. Click and it automatically copies the video's URL and opens the page where you can start choosing options. I find that direct download doesn't work for me (why? dunno.), but .avi downloads are flawless and excellent quality.

I like the video download helper addon to firefox! ;)

Also have never had a problem with Freemake Video Downloader (or indeed with any of their other offerings). Works great with lots of download options. You just need to take care during the install not to allow the "extras" to install also.

Keepvid is alright. I've been using it for a number of years along with Freemake Video Downloader. However, I would strongly recommend that no one use the audio-only option. I tried it recently for the first time, and the quality was horrendous. I'm far from being an audiophile, but that didn't stop me from noticing major distortion. Do yourself a favor, and get your audio another way. I ended up downloading the video and opening it's audio stream in Audacity, before exporting it at 320kbps mp3. Much better quality.

Has anyone tried "Dirpy (Beta.) ?
It works really well, it is FAST, very simple and intuitive to use.
It may be a Beta,... but you would never know it by using it!

(NO Java used!)

I simply don't want to use a download application like this that expects blind trust. No about page or documentation of any kind. That is a red flag as far as I'm concerned.

Awesome! Just tried 'dirpy'. Nothing to install. Just downloaded right off the bat. Use 'download' in lower right.

Attempted keepvid but even turning Java off, couldn't get it to work.

I'm more concerned with the lack of documentation related to this program than an "unclean" Java feeling. At first glance it looks like just another of the many fly-by-night offerings out there. I've been using Free Download Manager in tandem with EagleGet and usually one or the other will work for most video sites.

KeepVid has been in operation for over 8 years and I have used it extensively without any issues during that period. MC - Site Manager.

I would never have guessed it had been around that long. Most 8 year old programs appear further along in development but I guess the donation requests are being ignored.

+1 from me.

there is an option to use keepvid without Java, just change Java: On to 'Off' by clicking on the 'On'
used to work for most videos although sometimes it may be required, especially today unfortunately, but could always try your luck if you're one of the many that won't install Java.

Thanks Rob for your advise on this matter.
It is not easy nowadays to download a video from YouTube.

I´m trying this application right now.



I've used KeepVid, too, and it's excellent, just as you say.

The interface is a bit confusing, though: those items in the list which say "Video only" suggest that one will obtain a silent movie. So I guess one should pick either:
>>Download MP4<<-(Max 480p), or
>>Download WEBM<<-360p

I don't understand why one would have such a wide range of choices for silent movies, though; and only one choice for the regular movie.