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Now that the mobile phone has become our constant companion, it becomes our better place to keep those to-do lists of things. In this article, I've selected some of the best Android apps dedicated to our quest to remember what to do next, and the best thing is they are all free.

To cope with what you need to do today, next week, next month, or just sometimes later, we have all created to do lists. Remember the "Day Timer" that many of us carried around in the 70's and maybe still do? In the early 90's the PDA might have taken the place of your hard copy "Day Timer" and in the 2000's David Allen taught us how to get things done (GTD) by better organizing our to-do list. This review helps pick the best app in the category for your Android device.

Check back often and see if your favorite is on the Best Free Reminder and To-do List for Android or another on the list that you may want to try. Leave your comments, your likes or dislikes about a to-do app for a further review.


Rated Products

To-Do Calendar Planner (isoTimer)  

A useful tool with great features and attractive GUI to organize your tasks and achieve goals

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Very attractive GUI, very fully featured task/ To-do / goal feature.
Google tasks sync and back up option only available in the paid version.
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Wunderlist - To-Do List & Tasks  

A simple yet fully featured app for notes, tasks, reminder and to-do list with browser bookmarking facility

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Easy to use, attractive GUI, and access across multiple platforms.
Large memory footprint.
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A very sweet To-do list application sets a high bar to be measured against the rest

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Easy to use, clean looking presentation, install includes Widgets.
Large memory footprint.
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Remember The Milk  

A nice and clean to-do app with lots of features but on a large memory footprint

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Lots of features including: Smart Search, Location Search, Tag Search, and Syncing to other devices.
Large size, out of application Help (Help is on the Web), needs tooltips, Icons alone are not easy to understand, and only one sync per day.
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Have the editors tried Notion and how would they rate it relative to isoTimer? It is the preferred app of Sam Thomas Davies:

Notion Use Cases: Why I Left Evernote (And Why You Should, Too)

You should try out the new app Synthelist. It is easy to use and has a simple interface, with a number of nice features. You can search for items within your lists, sort items alphabetically or numerically, edit them, lock and unlock lists, and even send a list to another Synthelist user - think, "Honey, can you bring home the milk and bread?" It is worth a look!

Wow...this is weird. Comment I posted earlier today is...........gone.
And it wasn't even a slam; part was that I installed
To-Do Calendar Planner
and ended up with
isoTimer (having a completely different icon....
and could not get it to sync nohow/noway to my Google calendar.

I have what one would call CRS (CAN'T REMEMBER SH#T :), I would like a reminder that is very basic, and most importantly would contain a transparent floating or scrolling reminder list for that day or hour which appears every time one uses their phone. None intrusive transparent reminder that you set for that day or time. Might be a stupid thought, yet it would be suffice for me. ??? Any thoughts people?

I am desperately looking for a Task/To Do List that can do these three things:

a) attach a photo as a note to a task, and
b) attach a Call Button/Contact Button to a task.
c) Have a proper task widget to add and complete tasks

As incredible as this may seem, there is not a single app (I am aware of) that can do all! Please, somebody tell me I am wrong.

P.S. I realise that Any.Do may actually be able to do that. But Any.Do can't do... uhmm ... anything else :) Others?

P.P.S. Good list, good write-up BUT as a Task/To Do List, I personally find isoTimer a really poor choice. The Task widget is useless, adding and handling of tasks and navigation in general is really convoluted and visually... well, the early 2000s called, they want their calendar back.
Also, not allowing tasks without due date is simply unacceptable.

a) attach a photo as a note to a task, and b) attach a Call Button/Contact Button to a task. c) Have a proper task widget to add and complete tasks I know with iso timer you can add notes / photos plus other things to a task, you can also add contacts to a task ( but not call them as far as I'm aware I can't test the call feature because I'm testing on a tablet rather than a phone at the moment ). Your list is a really good list of features that I shall take in to account when searching for / reviewing future apps. Nothing springs to mind that offers all these features (apart from iso timer )but they are a good list of features that I'll keep in mind and be in the look out for new apps to reviews . At the moment I struggling to find anything better than what I've already suggested on here as you are probably aware there are loads of calendar / To-Do apps in playstore. I'm sorry you don't like my top pick each to their own , I picked it because it has tons of features , a calendar and to-do app plus lot's of different widgets but yes the task widget does not allow you to edit the task in the widget you have to go into the app it's self but if it's not for you there are other apps in the review that are more basic to-do apps rather than a calendar / To-do app like I prefer using.

I must be missing something. I do not consider the "widgets" associated with this app numerous or thorough

Thank you for the reply. To be fair, a task list/to do is an app where a lot of personal preference comes into play and I think I need to make clear that while I personally would not use iso timer it is neither a bad or a broken app :) I tend to forget that my personal priorities are not generally applicable.
I will keep looking and - if that is ok - put my experience in the comments here.
Cheers ;)

yes please , this is how I/ we discover new, good apps .

Could you review wunderlist as well? I like that it has a web page and sharing options as well.

DONE , please feel free to let me know what you think of my review on Wunderlist.
Astrid has been bought by Yahoo!. According to Astrid's site the app will keep working for 90 days starting from may 1st. Visit the app's site for more info about how to download your personal data.
Yes it's a shame because so many people liked it and used it , but I've got a lovely list of great apps I'm in the process of testing and I've added a note to the article to mention why I've removed Astrid from the article mention and why it was removed from our top pick . It's always a shame when big company's buy a great app or software and then because it's not making them any money it gets dropped like a hot potato, Winamp springs to mind

Thanks for the great review.

On my wish list - I would really love a combo PIM/email that espouses the light, non-intrusive (but super easy to use) interface of Rainlender Lite (Windows version), but also allows me to port data seamlessly between all my devices. I'm thinking this might be possible in Linux/Android, although probably not on the Windows platform(Macintosh may have something but I cannot afford to spend a fortune on hardware right now, so I'm pulling an anti-Eve and just saying no to the Apple, lol). So, does anyone know of some free software on the Android and/or Linux platform that would do this? Thanks.

Thanks for your comments. I see you are new to Gizmon, welcome! Your application request would reach more people if you put it in our free forum, see Freeware Forum tab at the top of the page and then go to the discussion thread - "I Want a Freeware Program that ...". Hope you find something that help! Again Welcome! Explorer40