125 Photo Effects. Normally $99. Free If You're Quick!


If you like adding visual effects to your digital photos, check out Perfect Effects 8 from onOne Software.  You get 125 different effects, all of which can be selected and applied with just a couple of mouse clicks.  

The program normally costs $99, but it's free until Monday May12th, so you'll need to be quick.  Head to http://www.ononesoftware.com/landing/pe8offer and enter your email address, and you'll be taken to the download link page.  Your licence key, which you're permitted to install on up to 2 computers, will also be displayed, so remember to copy it somewhere safe.

Perfect Effects 8 is a 264 MB download, and virus-free according to my own tests (I couldn't use VirusTotal as the file is larger than the system allows).  

Note that the program requires Windows 7 or above, and it must be a 64-bit version.  




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It is a little slow but it is working. Using as a stand-alone. Has many different effects and retouching tools and its easy to use. The program is large, 264 MB and it did install without any issues. Will have to experiment for awhile to see how it works. I see that Zootsocket had problems slowing his PC to a crawl. I'm using Wins 7-64 with 6 GB memory. Will be back to update.....

I'm back with update ..... tried on a few photos and it works like a charm with no bogging or slowing down my computer at all. It applies the selected affects just a tiny bit slow but nothing really to worry about. Maybe a 1/2 a second or less to apply selected effect but that's not unusual with photo editing software. Memory usage is around 33 % running other software and using FireFox at the same time so I know that I can use without any issues. The effects are really useful and with so many it get's a little time consuming to decide which ones to use but that's not a problem. Thanks Gizmo's Freeware for the tip on this excellent tool and the free license key. Keep up the good work....

This downloaded and installed without fuss - no stealth toolbars or other nasties and a perfectly functional activation procedure.

If you already have photo retouching tools and the know-how to use them, this won't add much to your arsenal. It rather resembles some of the quick editing effects apps available on Android, but on a larger scale.

After about 10 minutes of experimenting with one of the supplied test images the PC (W7 4GB memory) slowed to a crawl and finally stopped, requiring a reboot and suggesting memory issues. The filters did not appear in the filters menu of Photoshop Elements as I expected and I couldn't see any very good reason to invest the time required to find out why not.

The programme uninstalled cleanly with Revo.

For all the MAC people there is also a MAC version that you can download.