A Free Screen Recorder That's Unbelievably Small


TinyTask is a screen recorder program for Windows.  It's simple to use, and lets you create a video recording of your actions when using the PC so that you can refresh your memory, or perhaps show someone else, at a later date.   It's great for technical support issues, and lots more besides.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about TinyTask is its size.  The download is just 0.033 MB.  There's no installer, so just run it and then press the button to start recording.  When you're done, press the Stop button.  You can then compile your recording to a standalone .EXE file that you can play back with just a click.

TinyTask is free, and you can get it from http://www.vtaskstudio.com/support.php (see the top item on the page).  It's also virus-free, according to my tests.




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This is definitely a useful app. But, agree with others here: it is NOT a screen recorder... it is a MACRO recorder. Recordings produced by this app can only be "played back" on the computer that they were created-on, even when saved as an executable. Thus, this app is not useful for (and never was intended to be) a tutorial creation tool in the same vein as tools that capture screen activity and save it as a flash or video file. You can't send a screen recording executable file created by TinyTask to a friend and expect him to see a replay of your screen activity on his computer..the executable will not even launch on his computer.

So perhaps this should be described as a "macro" recorder rather than a "screen" recorder? Ahhhhhh, semantics!

Simple Screen Recorder works pretty well. http://www.maartenbaert.be/simplescreenrecorder/
You can record the whole screen, a window, or an openGL object, plus audio.
It's in most Linux distro repositories, so it's clean.

As far as actual screen recording in Windows goes, I found BB Flashback Express a while ago. I'm not sure how well it works for fancy Direct3D applications, but for standard Windows apps it gets the job done nicely.

I had been using CamStudio (http://camstudio.org/) but this one looks interesting, especially the ability to personalize your recordings by embedding input from a camera in the recording. I'll have to check it out.

Good to know. But as this article is about a Windows based application, it should be noted that Simple Screen Recorder is not an alternative given there doesn't appear to be a Windows version of that available - Linux only.

Ah, the light comes on above my head! Yes, I do now understand what you guys are saying. I'll be very careful in using this app but I still love it. Thanks guys

Love this little app. Simple, uncomplicated. Even a simpleton like me mastered it immediately.
Took note of mrmontgom comment above and will make sure I play back before closing windows or moving anything around although I do not understand his warning and would appreciate some elucidation on it.
Thanks rob.

It seems this is a bit more than a "screen" recorder, it seems to be a automation of the mouse to me. That is what mrmontgom is saying as well. It is easiest to duplicate this by starting to record then selecting different application windows then playing it back. On playback a screen recorder would just show a vision of what you were doing, but this app actually does what you recorded. So if you made a simple recording for someone that showed them how to delete something in like word, and they did not have word open in the same location etc it could actually delete something in the same location on screen, seems very dangerous to me. Not knocking the app at all, just think people should be aware of its power.


I think the point that is being made is this isn't recording a video of your actions, it is recording the actual actions. As such, when you play it back, any mouse clicks, keyboard presses happen again on your machine. So if things like applications, files, etc aren't in the same place/state that they were when the recording was made, the playback will likely be different as well and could lead to unintended consequences. I feel the write-up on this is poor in that it does not mention any of this.

I just tried this out. Seemed pretty slick until I realized it's not playing back a graphical representation of my session. It is actually retracing my mouse movement and clicks. This could be risky if you close windows or move things around before replaying. It could delete content or have some other negative impact. Use with caution.