Grinning Geckos (Wallpaper of the Week)


This weeks wallpaper shows three big eyed, cartoon-like grinning blue geckos on a black background. They are so goofy they made me laugh, I hope they'll do the same for you. :) Icons get along nicely with this wallpaper.

three big eyed, cartoon-like grinning blue geckos on a black background

This wallpaper comes in HD, widescreen and standard resolutions. Use the installation instructions for your specific device or browser. None your size? Download the nearest size to your screen resolution (larger is better) and resize using your favorite Image Editor.

Download Grinning Geckos Desktop Wallpaper

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Site crashing when i select a resolution - tried in a couple of browsers, just in case.

Thanks for letting me know. I've gotten that error from time to time over the past few years at that site, which is why I stopped using it as a source for wallpaper posts. It usually clears up in a few days, but..........there was a time frame of  well over a month when I couldn't download anything in any resolution from the site.

In the meantime, you find the same image at these sites (the sizes I downloaded were 1920 x 1080, which is my screen resolution):

Hope that helps. :)

Thanks - i downloaded a bunch of the other wallpapers today; i think i'll go get that one.

I gotta say that i love having Really Big Disks - i have 2,800-plus wallpapers in my slideshow rotation.

(687 are from Paul Taylor's "Wapsi Square" -

Seconded : )

Some very nice wallpapers on that site, thanks Rhiannon.

Thirded. :D Only been through the nature section. One or two images miscategorized, a few duplicates but overall most of the images I've not seen on other sites. Excellent. MC - Site Manager.

Beautiful wallpaper.

I didn't download the geckos but this site has some of the most beautiful
wallpaper I've ever seen. Downloaded pictures in the "Architecture" category.
Check it out. Thanks. rhiannon

It's one of my favorite wallpaper sites. I found out about it from fellow editor Robert Schifreen in one of his Hot Finds columns. :)

Thanks for sharing this wallpaper, got it on my desktop now & it's so cool. Also have to give you a shout out cuz that was the 1st time I'd visited that specific wallpaper site. It boogled my mind at the huge variety & quantity of HD wallpapers contained on that site where the geckos were. I added it to my customized browser start-up page instantly & am heading back there now to start exploring the site. Great Article & Post!!!

They really do have awesome desktop wallpapers............the other thing I like about the site is that most wallpapers come in a very large range of sizes, from dual monitor on down to iPhone. :)