Thank You for Donating


Thanks for donating to our community website.

It's people like you who keep the true spirit of the internet alive.

From all the crew at Gizmo's Freeware, a heart-felt thanks.



Glad to be able to help support this essential site and its mission (my only regret is that I cannot do more at this time...).

love what you do, we made a donation.
hope it helps.
however, ad blocker stays on.

Done! I'll gladly give a donation or join a membership site, but don't turn off my adblocker for anyone. Too much bad stuff out there that comes through Ad networks.

At 83 yrs young I am is the same senior position as many seniors and their $$ - I thank you for all the help and hints you have provided me over the years since I first found your site. I do not use ad blockers but sometimes i wish I did but I understand the $$ impact it could have on many sites. GOOD luck on your donation drive.

Happy to donate
One the one hand it pains me to use an ad blocker but some sites have ads that are so frustrating I keep it on. But I always turn it off when a website requests that i do. May i suggest you do that too.

Happy to help. I'd like to donate more but since I'm a senior with a fixed income it's kind of difficult.

There is no better website for learning about freeware -- the site is absolutely essential, and has been a friend to all freeware coders. I have donated and put out the call on our website for others to lend their support. Keep up the great work.
-jesse (mouser), from

Glad to help. You are one of the true treasures of the internet. You've even been kind enough to help on specific problems . A jewel beyond price.

Thanks to you and the forum!

Thanks for all you have done over the years.

No hesitation in donating. A great informative website that has helped me countless times over the years.

Have used your reviews and suggested software for many years. A remarkable resource. I have cheerfully donated and also whitelisted your site in Ad Blocker (have only done this for a couple of other sites). Perhaps you can suggest the whitelisting option as well in your communications and show folk how to do it easily?

Happy to contribute....suggest you alter PayPal link page to ask if people would donate an extra X cents to their contribution so as to cover PayPal's slug that's charged to Gizmo for the PayPal service.

Happy to help.

Glad to donate a modest amount to this EXCELLENT site!

I just contributed, happy to do so. Gizmo's TechSupportAlert is valuable to me.

Wish I could donate more, but am an old geezer on a very limited income. Great site that I have followed for years; keep up the great work. Thanks Gizmo and Co.

Good Stuff, you never seem to amaze me

Gizmo's has saved me countless hours in researching software online and countless dollars which would have been spent in buying and trying second-rate software, only to end up disappointed. Many thanks to Gizmo and to all the many volunteers who make TechSupportAlert possible. You all are superb!

P.S.- If you ever need financial help again to be able to keep Gizmo's free and independent, please ask. Gizmo's is the best bargain on the web!

Happy to donate as i have used this site for a lot of years, and can't see that changing yet!

Thanks to Midnight Cowboy and the Herd for all the time and hard work spent providing the best PC software info found anywhere. Worth every penny, even when I donate, and it's cheap too.
May Gizmo's future be bright.

Donated. Worth every penny for this site. It's saved me a fortune.

Glad to donate to this great site!

Glad to donate to such a great site.

Just a small amount from Australia - as before.
Keep up the great work.

Excellent site! Thanks!
Have donated.

Donated last time, I've donated this time. Your site is the gold standard of community focused websites. Can't think of a time when I haven't visited your site a least once a week. Keep up the good work. We are behind you all the way.

Gladly donated, hope this helps. My best wishes to all the staff!

Donated because much appreciated.

>> I've only asked once before and hopefully never again
Never again? How would that be possible? Next year's bill for hosting won't pay itself, will it?

Keep it up people, you are much appreciated.


Long time supporter. There's not a place or a person I trust more for the best in free software. I believe Gizmo looks out for our best interest as if it was his own. Every time I donate I don't feel like I gave equal to what I've received, but yet, a real gift doesn't expect anything more than "Thank you" in return.


I'm brand-spanking-new to this site, and sadly; I'm a brokester. I'm so impressed with the content, and the hard work you all do to maintain it! It gives me hope that I might be able to learn enough to actually USE some of it, to improve my PC and iPad. I simply feel I must participate in some way. I pray that the little bit I give, can help out. I'll buy a cap when I get my next check, maybe be then I'll have worked up enough nerve to try out some freeware!

Thanks for being here, it means the world to many of us! I'll keep you in mind..So glad to have found you!
Siouxz OOX!

The truth why I donate is not because I get to download free software. I have not downloaded free software from your site in years. Though it is disappointing the good news outweighs the disappointment. The good news is every time I come to your site I read something about software that increases my knowledge about software and all kinds of programs. That information has proven to be super valuable for me.

Glad to be able to donate. If I could afford to contribute what I have saved through the website you would be getting 100's

WOW ! The trouble that I have gone to, to donate to you guys LOL ! First I had to reactivate my old Paypal a/c and then change my credit card to my new bank no., confirm it to Paypal and finally donate today!!!

Seriously, I would be lost without you and have been a fan of Ian's since the Window Secrets days when he kindly answered my emails when I had queries.

Keep up the good work!

Je suis Français et j'apprécie votre site.
J'ai mis 5$.


It is my pleasure to contribute to one of the best resources on the web! Beside reviews and recommendations for free software that oftentimes outperforms the priced competition, you have saved me countless hours of time which would have otherwise been spent "experimenting" and searching for applications.
Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

Glad to send a little help to a great site that's helped me a lot. Diolch from Cymru.

Sorry for only a small donation. SS just doesn't allow any more at present. GIZMO is so worth much more. Thanks

Just doing my bit. Wish I could have done more.

My only income is a disability pension and I very rarely donate anything to anyone, (Wikipedia is the only other one I can recall?). But this site is definitely one of the most valuable sites I regularly use and recommend, as I think anyone on a low income/budget would have to agree.

Did someone say 100,000 hits per day? Surely half of those people could afford a measely $5 as I have, and help preserve this great site.

Thank YOU very much Gizmo, I only wish I could do more!

This site is very important to me - it has helped enormously in sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to freeware.

I am gladly contributing in order to keep you going.

You've been an important site for me for well over a decade.

I donated, and I appreciate your reluctance to become commercial. However, a few Google Adwords and/or an innocuous banner or 2 seems to be appropriate. It is more important that you live stress free than die by an impossible ideal.

I have been a Member for over 7 years. You have helped me so much. I have set up a monthly donation. That is best I can do at this time. Please stay alive, You folks have been so helpful.
"M.C.", I want to thank you for all you do as moderator for this site.
"Gizmo", where would we be without You.
"Best Site on the Web"
Thanks from Houston
Jimmy Alexander

Thank you, and to everyone, for your support and kind words. :) The amount of man hours our editors put in to keep their content updated and provide new material is phenomenal. Another way to help support the site is to volunteer as a freeware category editor. Some reviews are more labor intensive than others but many only require a commitment of a couple of hours a month. If anyone is interested, please follow this link. MC - Site Manager.

What everybody else said!

My pleasure. PLEASE stay alive!~

Thanks for the fantastic site. You have saved me so much time and money. I really value your testing and evaluating. I always know that if you recommend something that is how it will work. I wish I could donate all the money you have saved me over the years.

Keep up the great work!!! Donation sent.

Glad to support a wonderful site