Free DVD Copier Offer Exclusive For Gizmo's Readers


Digiarty produce a range of handy Windows software, and the company often features special giveaway offers on some of its products.  But this offer is something special, as they've made it available exclusively for Tech Support Alert readers.  

WinX DVD Copy Pro lets you backup your DVDs, including ripping them to an ISO file that you can keep on your hard disk and burn copies at a later date.  It's a handy tool for backing up your movie discs without any loss of quality.  You can even rip a DVD into MPEG2 format, to play easily on any PC without the need for a DVD drive or specialist player software.

The program normally costs around $35, but head to and you can get it free. Just click the "Get Register Code" button and you'll see the download link, plus the serial number, displayed.

The download is around 15 MB and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

Note that you need to activate your software before January 24th.  Once activated, you can continue to use it for as long as you wish.




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Since this has to be activated by January 24, does anyone know what happens with freebies like this if you reimage/reformat your PC, and have to reinstall it at a later date?
I'm thinking that you'd be out of luck, but that's just a guess.

Yes, from what they say, this software may not work if you try to install it at a later date than when you can activate the software. I agree that's quite a downer. Still, if anyone is not planning on reformatting, or reimaging, it's a decent offer.