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Download Managers are plenty around the web, but a Universal Download Manager is rare. EagleGet conveniently falls into the second category. It helps you capture and download any file on the web, and also 'sniffs' streaming media playing on your browser and downloads them. The software supports a wide range of protocols from HTTP, HTTPs, FTP, MMS, RTSP and so on.

Now the question is why do you want to use a download manager or specifically what makes EagleGet so special compared to other download managers available out there?

  1. Imagine those situations were you lose your internet connection or your system crashes; it will be difficult to continue those downloads that you were transferring. The multithreaded technology in EagleGet will save you time and your nerves while downloading files helping you to Pause and Resume any broken downloads.
  2. The same Multithreading technology will increase your download speed greatly, by splitting these files into smaller parts and downloading them simultaneously.
  3. EagleGet Integrates into popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE. Not only that, what makes EagleGet so special is its Universal Capture mode, the clipboard monitoring will work on almost all browsers, which means any downloads get transferred to EagleGet no matter what browser you're using.
  4. The Media Sniffer feature is another delight: you can download streaming audio and video from any website you want, in the easiest way possible, and a "Download Now" button will be available while playing. It also provides options for quality of the video to be downloaded, if available.
  5. The Batch Downloader feature lets you download multiple URLs and thus, a whole range of files in an instant.

Moreover, EagleGet is the only freeware download manager that supports Automatic Refreshing of an expired download link ie it lets you resume any broken downloads. The installer scores 0/45 at VirusTotal, contains no adware and the interface is extremely appealing. The downloads are Categorized into different folders for ease of access. With the Drag and Drop feature you can re-arrange the priority of downloads. The Scheduler feature helps you take care of your downloads even when you're not physically present in front of your PC. Also, you can verify the integrity of all files that have been downloaded.

Here you can find the whole list of Features available in EagleGet. Overall, EagleGet is a reliable software that easily manages all your downloads. It has a wide array of features that puts any other similar software to shame, aptly deserving the term Eagle, because when you're on the web, EagleGet is pretty sharp in capturing any download available.


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Any recommendations for something similar on Linux? I run both and would like to use a "common tool" on both but I'm putting eagleget on my windows HTPC in the meantime.

The best I've seen for Linux is FlareGet.

Thanks so much for the info on flareget for linux!

Does it have a feature to add multiple mirrors for a single download?

For example big files are usually hosted on multiple servers, including that servers limit the bandwidth by one client.

This feature, with automatic mirror management and detection of existing download, would be a real speed increase over the segmentation/"Multithreading".

The feature has been requested by one of the members on EagleGet forums. Hopefully will be implemented sooner or later. Although it would be useful only for those sites allowing multiple mirrors for download.


next big thing??
no torrents, no program!

Thanks anyway,

Vitor Sequeira

I have been using the Speedbit downloading manager for quite some time to my fullest satisfaction.
completely free, download accelerator, video accelerator, you-tube down-loader and some more.
I strongly recommend.

Caution. SPEEDbit is not freeware it is Ad-supported and will attempt to change your system settings during install. MC - Site Manager.

They have two versions of the down loader.The standard one is completely free, no strings attached.
The ads that pop up every now and then are no bother whatsoever. I hardly notice them.
The premium one cost, I don't know how much, but it is not free.
The only change to the system setting is a request, only a request, during the installation of the program,
to have the default google search go via Speedbit, thats all.
Now, this change is only an option. No one is forcing anyone to go for it.
To conclude, am using Speedbit for quite a few years.
Very good service. No complaints whatsoever.
Just to make things clear, I don't know anybody from the speedbit people and I do not get any cut from their business.

By far the biggest number of complaints we receive is when folks end up with changes to their system and/or toolbars + other unwanted software after an install. Even though these are (mostly) optional, the process to avoid them is often made purposely confusing. We will continue therefore to indicate whenever possible if something is not truly free, and being forced to watch ads is a string attached that many users will not want forced upon them. MC - Site Manager.

Portable EagleGet installed extension in my Firefox, probably in IE, too. Thumbs down from me.

It is by those extensions that EagleGet catches the downloads of files and videos.

Portable version shouldn't install anything, that's why it is called portable. They shouldn't call it portable if it installs files, new registry key, etc. and leaves them there after quiting the application.

I understand that... but if it will not install the extensions by which it's supposed to work, how do you expect a program to work? Maybe write about this issue to EagleGet themselves.

I expected it to work because it has "Universal Capture Mode" which doesn't use extensions.

It doesn't matter, I just don't like extension based downloaders like Orbit Downloader and similar.

The Universal capture mode is for URL file downloads only, not the videos. For downloading videos just like any other extension for Firefox or Chrome, EagleGet installs it's own extension, so that a "Download Now" button appears for easily downloading videos. Even if the extension is installed, the major browsers would not enable the extension unless you explicitly do so. The plugins aren't installed in portable version, you can read more about it here: There is an install.bat file in the folder to install them and uninstall.bat will completely remove EagleGet from the system.
I understand. It's the same here. That's why I am not using EagleGet personally, although I think it's a good software. I use Free Download Manager. And I download videos using other dedicated video downloaders, like Freemake Video Downloader.

Is EagleGet better than Free Download Manager
James -Win7 Pro 32bit

My favourite FDM feature is the ability to create a description file for the download. I find this especially useful for software downloads.

The description file will contain the download URL, the date of the download and the description entered; if no description is given, the description file will not be created. The name of the description file is of the form: [filename].[ext].dsc.txt and therefore would be found adjacent to the actual download in an alphabetical folder listing.

A fictional description example:

    Acme Widget 2.34
    Small, fast widget manager. Monitor system for new widgets, manage or remove existing widgets.
    Windows 2000 and above.
    Requires Widget Platform 1.01

The program name and version helps when the file name doesn't change between versions, which is the usual case.

A short blurb can usually be copied from the first paragraph on the "About" web page for the program. It should contain enough keywords to successfully search for later. When I was trying duplicate file finders, I downloaded a dozen installers, many with names like SetupDD.exe and, whiich give little indication of their purpose or product name.

I searched on but could find no similar feature. Does anyone who has tried EagleGet know?

P.S. When I'm using Chrome, I have an extension which will automatically insert the text selection from the web page when the download link is clicked.

It depends upon personal preference, but certain advantages of EagleGet over FDM are: 1. Due to the Universal Capture mode and clipboard monitoring of EagleGet, it works on many browsers compared to FDM. 2. For videos a "Download Now" button appears on the browser itself and you don't have to copy-paste links unlike FDM. Also EagleGet can batch download videos at once. 3. EagleGet has a unique feature of Refreshing Download links for aborted downloads which is not present in any other freeware download manager.

Thank you George.J Seems EagleGet has definite advantages and it is time to change from using Freemake Video Dowloader and Free Download Manager.

This looked like a very useful tool, so I gave it a thorough testing.

All downloading was at a fraction of the time that it would take through any of the top 3 browsers doing it natively.

The only thing that it would recognise correctly in terms of video streaming was Youtube but again, when a download would actually start, it would take far too long or more often than not, get aborted.

At the moment, from my experience, I could not yet recommend it, albeit being a potentially useful future prospect.

Thanks for posting your review. I've tested EagleGet on 150+ video streaming sites and EagleGet was able to capture the downloads flawlessly. I was able to pause and resume the downloads at will. Tested on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE. Also the download speed is the same as it was the case with usual file downloads There should be something wrong at your side, which browser were you using? What O.S are you on? Try changing your user agent string (to IE9 or IE10) in the Settings menu of EagleGet to see if it can capture the videos on the sites? Also check the Integration Settings in EagleGet. Even if downloads get aborted from video streaming sites, EagleGet has a unique feature to refresh links by right-clicking on the file in it's interface and then click on Refresh Download Link and the aborted download will resume from the last point.