Quickly Find Out Who's Connected To Your Computer


Here's a great utility if you run a home network.  As for what it does, the blurb on the home page says it better than I ever could, so I might as well just paste it for you:

"ShareWatch allows you to see who is connected to a computer and what files they are accessing. Have you ever wondered why your hard drive or modem is active, but you aren't doing anything to cause it to be active?  It is possible a remote user is accessing your computer.  Have you ever had a file locked but you don't know why? ShareWatch can tell you if a network user is using the file and allows you to disconnect them so that you can edit/delete the file.  Have you ever wanted to shutdown a computer, but don't want to drop people using the computer.  ShareWatch will show you all resources in use by remote users."

Simple, eh?  But it works brilliantly on all recent versions of Windows, is totally free, and is just a 33 KB download.  What more can I say?  As you can see from the screen shot below, its display is very easy to understand.  Here, I can see that someone in the lounge is logged into my office PC in order to play some music.

If this sounds like the sort of tool your need, get it from www.stevemiller.net/sharewatch/.



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I really think I've been hacked into. A while ago I was on a new pain med. very strong, so I wasn't thinking clearly having two things go on at the same time,I get a phone call from an Indian sounding man saying he is from microsoft and everytime I sign onto my email I am leaking info. Go to start and type in Ammyy then he quickly takes me off that page a cmd box opens and by now ugh duh, you've just been hacked you stoned jerk. So he has control of my computer. The cmd box stops and there is over 14,000 errors, see he says very bad. He can fix for me for only $300.00 I say NO! he persists lowering the price at the same time I have my A/C guy standing there asking me for $375.00 for a part they replaced 8 months ago. Bottom line my computer is never the same restore after restore and a million M.S. updates my email password will work for a week and then I'm locked out of my acct. Right now I am locked out of both yahoo and MSN EMAILS SAYING TOO MANY ATTEMPTS. So I needed some freeware (on a small pension and ss/disab) to break this connection once and for all.
And YES!! I know what I did was stupid but chronic pain, discs out and broken bones that are beyond surgery can make a person do something she would have never done in her right mind.
P.S. sorry this is so long but I am mad enough at myself for being so stupid in the first place.Hope someone can help me???