Android: How To Tell Your Jelly Bean From Your Gingerbread, Etc Etc


While Apple's iOS operating system on the iPhone and the iPad continues to be a huge success, it's easy to forget that Google's Android OS is actually shipping many more copies. Google recently reported that it was receiving 1.5 million new Android device activations per day.

Understanding which version of Android you have, and what it can/can't do when compared with other versions, can be tricky to understand.  Thankfully, there's a really helpful chart (I hate the word "infographic") at which tells you all you need to know, right from version 1.0 to Key Lime Pie.  

So now you can dig out your Andoird phone or tablet, check the system version number, and find out whether it's worth upgrading or not.




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If the gingerbread tablet I had was anything to go by, you'd do better to bin it and get the latest model, because no one is interested in giving you any support, and it runs like a slug on tranquilizers