Want To Learn Microsoft Office? These Top-Class Training Manuals Are Free.


Best STL is a London-based company that specialises in offering training courses for users of Microsoft Office.  The company recently got in touch with me to say that, as well as offering commercial courses, they also make all their training manuals available for free download from their website.  

There are course materials online for Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 at the moment, all downloadable as PDF files with no registration required. The 2010 documents on offer are shown below.

To browse the library, or download any of the files, just point your browser at http://www.microsofttraining.net/microsoft-training-manuals.php




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I have three user account on a Windows XP machine.
I have corrupted the User Accounts.
>> Control Panel, User Accounts, get "wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment"
Result, cannot change password picture, or security level on any of the three users.
Any helps?

Fantastic job finding these very good and useful link to these manuals.

Fantastic resource, beautifully done manuals. Thanks.

This is a really good resource website. I downloaded all the MS Office manuals and they are well done. Very nicely organized with good graphics and easily explained topics. A great model for anyone thinking of creating their own manual. I also really like their site. well laid out and intuitive to the eye. no I dont' work for them lol. I just appreciate well designed sites. Keep it up Gizmos.