9 Free, Really Useful Screensavers


These 9 free screensavers do things other than look great.

Back in the day, screensavers were created to help prevent burn-in on monitors.
Most newer monitors don't need screensavers to do anything other than look good or be entertaining.

So why do we still love screensavers?
I suspect some of it has to do with flying toasters.
A long time ago (think Windows 3.1) a company created a screensaver package that included, among others, a flying toaster screensaver.

All of a sudden, looking at your monitor was fun.

Today its hard to find good, safe screensavers without a lot of searching.
Many screensavers contain more than just a screensaver in the program.
The additional content has been labeled spyware and worse.
Its good practice to check and recheck any screensavers you download, in particular from sites that have a lot of free screen savers.

Fried Beef's Tech blog has come up with 9 screensavers that are not only interesting, they do useful things.
One helps you learn geography, one grabs photos from Flickr, one helps you learn from Wikipedia, and one distributed computing screensaver helps cancer research.
Go have a look - you might want one or more of those screensavers for yourself.
Now if only the flying toasters would come back..............

9 Free Useful Screensavers

Most of the Screensavers run on some version of Windows, some have versions for Mac and/or Linux, some can be embedded in your as a .swf file, and one has a version for Playstation.

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I absolutly love these.