Internet Addresses, Protocols, and Ports Explained in Simple Terms


Have you ever wanted simple explanations of the basics of what goes on when you connect your PC to the rest of the world? Or wondered what is meant by terms like protocol, IP or port? Here are three articles written in clear, straightforward language that will make it easy to understand the fundamental concepts behind connecting a computer to all those other computers on the Internet.

Internet Addresses and URLs Explained  

Any device on a network or on the Internet has to have an address. This article explains how addresses are constructed and how the addresses are overseen and regulated.

Computer Protocols- TCP/IP, POP, SMTP, HTTP, FTP and More 

In order for computers all over the world to communicate with each other, there have to be established, well-defined methods for information to be packaged and safely transmitted.  The standard methods that are used are called “protocols” and this article explains the protocols that we all use. Protocols provide a universal way of doing things that computers everywhere can understand and use.

What are Internet ports? 

A computer connected to the Internet is a multi-tasker and keeping track of the different activities involves a variety of sub-addresses called “ports”. These are not to be confused with physical ports and are explained in this article.

And there you have it - the Internet made easier to understand.

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Thanks v.laurie... some really helpful explanations for an old dinosaur like me.

Great articles that give me a concise way to inform my Teen about the Internet and its responsible use. I Thank You but he won't: I intend to give him a pop-quiz on Wednesday. :)

As a retired MIS director, I enjoyed reading these explanations. Something about an old dog and new tricks. Every bit of information was good and accurate as I remember it. Thanks for such an interesting article. Now I don't have to explain things to family members anymore. Nahhhh. Who am I kidding?