Want 100GB Of Free Cloud-Based Storage?


A new player in the cloud storage market is offering 100 GB of space to the first million people to sign up to its service.  To sign up, just head to www.zoolz.com and follow the instructions.  However, there's clearly a waiting list for the service, so you won't get your free space right away.  

Is it any good?  Will the service work properly?  We don't know yet.  But it seems sensible to sign up now, just in case it does turn out to be excellent.  You have nothing to lose.  Especially if you sign up with a non-critical email address rather than your primary one.

I'm number 64716 in the queue, apparently.  If/when my account gets activated I'll let you know.  Meanwhile, if you celebrate such things, or if you merely use it as an opportunity for a rest, have a good Easter.  I'll be back on Tuesday.



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Zoolz must have gotten their million free users, because now they're pay-only, and aimed at business users. And no mention of Linux client. Maybe they're still "working on it 24/7".


Adrive tries to tantalize with "if only you upgrade to premium"
I am sticking with Dropbox and Mediafire

HOWEVER - there is a new unlimited storage site called Putlocker
It has FTP which has been down for a couple of day. Upload speeds are good to excellent, depending on the time of day. It is more of a link site than a backup storage solution

I went to Zoolz and tried to sign up, and these are the lies Zoolz told me:

"Linux Soon

Oops! We've noticed that you are on a Mac, we are working 24/7 to release it. It will be out April 30, 2013"

...along with a frowning "Mac" icon. I question if they are truly working 24/7.

Well, I went to a SugarSync features request forum where crowds of Linux users gather to complain fruitlessly about no support, and posted my referral link to Copy.com (where I get 5 GB for each referral). So, I'm up to 125 GB on Copy.com. I uploaded two hours of home movies and due to the slow upload speeds of our cable, it took all night. But at least it works great on Linux, like UbuntuOne and Dropbox.

I have access to sign up for Zoozl.
But when you read the user agreement it give one great pause.
There is also a Privacy Policy and Product Agreement.

[Content removed. Interested parties can read this information for themselves on the site. If you wish to discuss items in length please make an appropriate post in the forum]

I just signed up for Adrive and the site immediately went down :)))

aDrive has been working for me great for the last 3 years. just the adds on my androids app is a bit annoying.

Has anyone noticed a slight increase in NEW spam since signing up?

Seems it doesn't like gmail "+" addresses (name+random@gmail.com). It happily let me enter it, sent me an email, but if I click on the link to see where I am I get "We are sorry we cannot find your email"

They probably employ a security filter that prevents the use of alias addresses. MC. Site Manager.

It took a little bit of a wait to get zoolz but after the initial Genie Timeline set up to 'shadow' and upload my C: drive all is well and Genie is incremental so any changes I make are uploaded every six hours.Remember that I warned everyone about the initial uploading seems to take like FOREVER but all is sweet after...enjoy!


Can you explain something to me about the initial installation?

What is the No-Zoolz Zone folder that appeared on my desktop?

Frankly, this entire process has me more than confused and their documentation/help is disjointed.


windy,I discovered that Zoolze was eating up ALL my CPU cycles and my Intel i5 was running at 100% and nothing else would hardly work...needless to say I booted the Zoolz off my machine ASAP! The damn thing is malware as far as I am concerned.

Yep, I noticed the same thing this morning when I booted up - it seems to eat up resources.

I have also uninstalled...

Thanks for the reply.

Copy.com is a new Dropbox-like cloud that gives away 5 GB. You can also get an additional 5 GB per friend who signs up. Or enemy, doesn't matter; they get the 5 GB too.

I'm up to 25 GB. Here's my link, so you can get your extra 5 GB:
[edited out. referral links not allowed]

i finally found the perfect personal cloud based storage. once i cleared the clutter caused by "cloud based" storage companies i realized, i've got more used mb's, network adapters, cpu's and hard drives than i could ever fill up with my irreplaceable data. it's a lot faster than uploading to some server, no waiting to get the ok to download what i need and a lot more secure behind my rogers and spencer .44 and my trained attack chihuahua plus it only runs when i tell it to run (very cost effective) since i put that attack dog to protecting my lan, i now have several honeypots setting out trying to lure some germs into my network. i'll bet the clown servers don't openly invite "guest" in.
a dog
a deer rifle
and an old computer
equal totally secure storage

michael clyde

Alright, after switching to UK vpn, I got the mail by them. I realized it recently :)

Nobody talks about Mega.
It's a bad idea to sign up for a Mega account?

Just signed up #80511 try it don't like it loose it.

I got Zoolz immediately after downloading StickyPass. I tried to upload just one folder to Zoolz and it immediately slowed my HP 2G laptop to half-a-crawl. Zoolz also required a waiting period of 3-5 days to retrieve a file. I say skip it, even without a waiting period to sign-up.

ADrive only offers 50G free for the first 14 days. Unless somebody has some kind of code that might change that, don't bother to fall for false advertising.

ADrive still offers 50GB free. You have to scroll down and look for the "Personal Basic (FREE 50GB)" option. https://www.adrive.com/login/signup I actually have two accounts there by accident and have 100GB total storage. Have had them for about 5 years now and never have had an issue. They did take away some features from the Basic users a while back.

Thanks a lot for the referral to ADrive. I just have a few questions...

How invasive are the ads? I mean, do they get in the way of the smartphone app?

And how much email do they send you? Would you use SpamGourmet for ADrive Personal Free or do you need a "real" email account?

Thanks in advance - ssoundman

>> Would you use SpamGourmet for ADrive Personal Free or do you need a "real" email account?
In my opinion you use spamgourmet for everything or you don't use it at all. (FYI: In the many years I use spamgourmet I've never encountered a service that didn't accept my spamgourmet e-mailaddresses)

Thanks, Geert.

What I meant was, "Will it work with a SpamGourmet account...?" I'm glad to hear that it does.

I have not used my Smartphone with ADrive yet. Just got the phone a few months back and since I am at home, I just copy over from my PC. So, I do not know about the ads with that. On the site, since I use Firefox with AdBlockPlus, I do not see any ads. I have not received any email at all. It has been years since I opened it, but there might have been a confirmation email. Other than that, I completely forgot I had one account there when I opened the second as I had never had email from them. So no spam at all.

clicked FREE SIGN UP
Reply: OOPS! You have a Mac we are working 24/7 to make this available for Macs etc. expect available April 13, **--rough quote as I didn't copy it verbatim.

It offered a sign up for a waiting list for the waiting list but clicking on it produced THE VOID. THE BLACK HOLE. As an old lady, I don't know the latest terminology for this and can't keep up but plan to add this sign up to my Last Will and Testament if I ever get an official place.

But as Gizmo notes why not keep trying? I'll follow this to find out if there is ever a reason not to keep trying.

Their "Sign Up" button has no link...?

I got not available in your region as well and I'm in the US Virgins.

And Happpy Pesach - Passover - to anyone who celebrates it. And Divali just a couple of days past, so to all Hindus, a shout-out, Happy Divali. To Christians, a Happy Easter. But it isn't a Christian world, its a world of people of all sorts of faiths and like me, none at all!

Diwali was in Oct-Nov last year, and will be the same time this year too. So, pretty much the wrong time to say Happy Diwali :D.