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The Windows Add/Remove Programs applet in the control panel constantly annoys more advanced users with its limitations. Its load time and lack of features are parts of the problems to say the least.

Thankfully, many freeware programs have emerged that allow for full deletion of programs, including those files, folders, shortcuts and registry entries that are left behind.

Here is a list of my favorites, divided into two sub classes: Application Uninstallers and Windows Uninstaller Replacements.


Application Uninstallers

Revo Uninstaller  

It works more uniquely than others and does a fine job in most circumstances

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Removes leftovers without needing to monitor before an installation, only product that is good at cleaning failed install, small footprint.
Can remove other unrelated files with disastrous consequences, can be slow in scanning.
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It is very lightweight but it's not light on features

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Very lightweight, 64-bit support.
Does not list the program developer name under the list of 'installed programs'.
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ZSoft Uninstaller  

It monitors an installation before you do the install

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Monitors before and after installation to remove files and registry entries.
Need to tell the program to monitor an installation before you do the install.
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Total Uninstall  

A free app to monitor installation, and remove files and registry entries

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Last free version)
Monitors before and after installation to remove files and registry entries.
Slower than ZSoft Uninstaller.
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Windows Uninstaller Replacements


A more capable product than the Windows built-in uninstaller

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Give detailed info, delete orphaned and obsolete entries, save a list of installed applications into a text file. No installation is required.
Not as fully featured as other application uninstallers.
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An uninstaller that loads in a flash

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Open source)
Loads in a flash, can be run as a standalone program or installed and integrated into the Control Panel.
Not as fully featured as other application uninstallers.
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Advanced Uninstaller Pro (also free, x64-compatible and offers additional functionality) has been updated to version 11.32 (2014.02.07); Softpedia review - .

Geek Uninstaller (Free Edition) now stands at version (2014.01.09).

Wise Program Uninstaller has been updated to version 1.57.76 (2013.10.28; 1.78 MB).

This software has been unchanged for as long as this site has existed. Or so it feels.

Time to check out some new things soon?

Well, this one got high grades at Cnet:
[cnet download link replaced with one to a clean source:
More information in the article below:
Beware of the bundled unwanted software included with Advanced Uninstaller Pro anyway. Care is needed during the install process. MC - Site Manager]

I have used REVO and COMODO uninstallers and they do perform very well but I was wondering, have you ever done a review on IObit Uninstaller? I am currently using this software and it seems to do it's job very well. Have to say that the reviews on the software you guys do is very thorough and explained in such an understandable manner that even I, which I'm not a GEEK, can understand. Thanks for the time you guys put into the reviews.

We are less than impressed with the operational ethics of IObit, including their attempts to spam this site, which is one of the reasons why some editors choose not to feature their products. MC - Site Manager.
dUninstaller is stand-alone, portable, definition based automatic application uninstall utility. Based on d7′s Auto Uninstall feature, it functions in the exactly same way, and utilizes the same definition file; however it has the additional ability to run silently uninstalling what it can, and reporting what it cannot uninstall automatically, as it can generate a log file and/or send an email with the results. The intent of dUninstaller is to push out via group policy to workstations, or to managed PCs from remote monitoring / managed services software such as Kaseya, nAble, Level Platforms, GFI, etc. etc.:

Revo Uninstaller free does not uninstall or even show 64-bit programs! And you really gave it 10 stars???

As you can see from the review, it currently has no editor and needs updating. Maybe you would like to take this on and give something constructive back to the freeware community? MC - Site Manager.

Looks like Revo Uninstaller's free edition is stuck at 1.94 version, which has many bugs (very often doesn't see some installed programs, occasionally hangs when uninstalling, etc.).
(on WinXPSP3 and Win7 Home Basic)

One of the major cons in Geek Uninstaller is that, when a new version is released (according to a specific time period), the current version becomes inactive, and you won't be able to use it. It forces the user to update to the latest version. This isn't happy news for those who want to use it on offline computers. I believe that it's not according to the release of the newer version that the current version becomes inactive, but it depends on a set time period. Because, the program refused to start-up hinting that the current version is expired, on my laptop which is never connected to the internet.
The developer has now removed this feature with the latest release. MC - Site Manager.

"ZSoft Uninstaller
Our rating:
Product type: Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
*64 Bit compatibility: 32 and 64 bit versions available*
License type: Unrestricted freeware
Portable version available: A portable version of this product is available from the developer.
System requirements: 95 - Vista/7"

From the ZSoft site:

"A little about 64-bit support
*Let it be known: ZSoft Uninstaller v2.5 still does not really support a 64-bit OS.*
Further explanation: ZSoft Uninstaller v2.5 will run and work fine, for uninstalling, analyzing and whatnot, 32-bit programs on a 64-bit system. As a 32-bit program itself, it cannot (as standard) 'see', for instance, the 64-bit part of the registry -- but neither can other 32-bit programs, so it shouldn't be that big of a problem.
As said, this 'blindness' is 'as standard', and hopefully I'll be able to release a '64-bit-aware' version at some point."

Many thanks for pointing this out. I have amended the product details accordingly. MC - Site Manager.