Want 100GB Of Free Cloud-Based Storage?


A new player in the cloud storage market is offering 100 GB of space to the first million people to sign up to its service.  To sign up, just head to www.zoolz.com and follow the instructions.  However, there's clearly a waiting list for the service, so you won't get your free space right away.  

Is it any good?  Will the service work properly?  We don't know yet.  But it seems sensible to sign up now, just in case it does turn out to be excellent.  You have nothing to lose.  Especially if you sign up with a non-critical email address rather than your primary one.

I'm number 64716 in the queue, apparently.  If/when my account gets activated I'll let you know.  Meanwhile, if you celebrate such things, or if you merely use it as an opportunity for a rest, have a good Easter.  I'll be back on Tuesday.



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Sorry, I meant to say Happy Holi. Slip between the brain the fingertips! But surely you could have understood the sentiment of inclusiveness and happiness to all, not just as some said Its A Christian World, but perhaps not...

oh OK :D... thanks a lot, and same to you. Happy Easter and a belated Good Friday too :). Well, I do not pay attention to such statements like Christian world and so on. There are different kinds of people, and different kinds of religion all over the world. Basically, all are human beings. Thanks for posting :).

I notice you chose the Christian festival, that's ok. I'm not a Christian. I prefer the Jewish one right now as it includes more food. I celebrate everyone's festivals that include food.

For what it's worth, I prefer the Jewish one too, as I happen to be Jewish. Buf I never say no to chocolate or a day off work!
Hehe :D. Well, I don't know about Jewish festivals, sorry :).

I suppose trying to sing up is futile for sometime, because I signed up to gain 100 gb storage, nearly 10 days ago.
since that time no mail did I receive. Should you succeed in anyway, please let me know it.
Godd Lucks!

Why bother signing up and waiting when one can have 50 GB free at Adrive, no queue, right away?

ADrive no longer free.

Thanks for that richtea! Signed up and got verification for 50GIGS of storeage in MINUTES!! Not too shabby eh? Meanwhile I am #22134 ahead of about 60,000 applicants at http://www.zoolz.com/....waiting fo my numbe to come up in Australia...

Looks like you have been beat out on this one Gizmo! (but will be nice to have both!!

Thanks a heap!

Not available to Portugal :(

My sign-up page says "14 day free trial"?

Is it already over?

No, you have signed up for "Zoolz Business" register for the zoolz free and wait for the email to get your 100 GB.

No, I went through the regular link & when that didn't work, I poked around some more & got to that "free trial" link...

When I hover over the "sign-up" link for the free 100GB, it turns to a hand, but isn't clickable.

I read through the rest of these replies here & see it won't work for Mac. I'm on Linux Mint- so I'm probably out, too.

Oh well, I'd rather run Linux w/o zoolz vs. having zoolz & putting up with MS... ;)

Thanks for the heads-up; 65685 now.

As for people thinking the numbers are "suspicious": If it's a waiting list, the numbers might well decrease now and then, if they are working down the list faster than new people are added to it. My number doesn't mean I am the 65685th person to sign up, but merely that right now 65685 people are waiting to be admitted, me being the last of them.

Hate to be pessimistic but does this mean that they could inform any potential free subscriber that the places are now all filled but that they could proceed for a "reduced special offer" fee, should they so desire? I currently have 71,742 people in front of me in the queue but have no idea where I'm situated overall. At the end of the day, if I'm successful it's cost me nothing. If I'm unsuccessful, the same applies!

For what it's worth, I'm in the exact same place in the queue as I was when I commented yesterday, and more than 7290 people are behind me - this might give you a rough estimate at the speed it's going both with people being added to the queue and people getting in. From those numbers, I don't think the free spaces can be gone yet, but the lack of progress makes me wonder at what they are doing.

I'm number 64185 in line.

Something strange is going on - I just signed up a minute ago and I'm 64107 - the way the numbers are coming up doesn't make much sense...

I've already signed up for this offer and received my sign up email and currently uploading my data using Zoolz. I have to admit it is much better than i have expected.

They are sending patches every couple of hours for a number of people in the queue that is why the difference in the numbers @ nojmit mentioned.

Hmmm I`m 62623...

I find it quite suspicious, because I signed up after Rob and I am 62547 in line.

I had seen this on another site some time ago but didn't sign-up then. Now I decided "What the heck - you're right, you have everything to gain if it turns out good, and nothing to lose if it's crap". Well errr... when I tried to sign-up I got the following message:

"We are sorry, Zoolz is not available in your region

Currently Zoolz Free is only allowed in: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark , Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Spain"

That sucks for me! :( I'm posting this so others would know upfront whether they can meet this criteria. (I can think of a few members here who would be just as disappointed as me, lol).