Nifty Free Windows Application for Batch Conversion, Resizing, and Renaming of Image Files


If you ever face the chore of having to process a bunch of digital pictures or other image files, here’s a powerful little free program called Tinuous that may be just what you are looking for. It can carry out a variety of batch jobs such as resizing, renaming, converting to different file formats, changing colors, and more.

The application is from a Japanese company called Vieas and comes with a number of nice features, which are shown below in a screenshot from the developer’s site. It works for all current versions of Windows including Windows 8 and for both 32- and 64-bit systems. Two ways to download it are available, either an EXE file for automatic installation or a ZIP file that can be used to run the application from anywhere without installation.The application was recently updated and is now in version 3.9. The download link is here.

Tinuous interface

The interface has several tabs as shown below. There are a lot of possible operations and options. Using the basic features is straightforward but the more advanced ones may not be so clear to beginners. Unfortunately, the Help file is in Japanese but some useful details of how to use the program are at this review.There is also a review at Softpedia

I have used the program to batch resize and convert  folders full of files and it was very quick on my desktop PC although I don’t know what performance would be on an older, slower setup. If you do much image processing and want a free utility, this one is worth considering. 

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This program is laid out very nicely and when you are setting up the input files it seems to have filename filtering, but strangely does not even know what an input subfolder is and therefore for almost all my conversion processes is completely useless. This would have been a great tool but for that simple missing feature.

This one is similar, but can process many batch image tasks in one go:

For example, you can resize the given image group, place watermark on them and save as JPEG in one go

I might be the only one but your information tells of a 3.9ver and by what I see, there is a Vieas 5.2ver and a Vieas EX 2.4ver. I have doubts that they have upgraded to such, in only the 2 days since you posted this.

I do see a Tinuous v3.9 download which also seems to be another batching device, could you have mixed the two?

Vieas is a image viewer & converter combination, when Tinuous is a image converter batch processor.

Your call.

Tinuous is in fact in your body of text and the only thing not I over looked it. With the other Vieas links/downloads/reference, it was easy to over look.

Better now.

The second line says "’s a powerful little free program called Tinuous". The word "Tinuous" has italics around it.

This is great! I've been using Irfan View to make thumbnails for slideshow galleries. This program is faster, and the output is clear and crisp.
The tree view pane is very nice to have. The settings are easy to use and comprehensive.
I'll be using this from now on. It really is handy. Good find.

Installed it - went straight to HELP file tab. It's in Japanese regardless of my telling it to use English - uninstalled. Fini.

This is already stated in the article text, plus these links are also given. MC - Site Manager.