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You need to find out everything about Nigeria.  Or glass.  Or woodpeckers.  Or Einstein.  Or pianos.  And you need to do it relatively quickly.  Maybe because your boss asked you, or perhaps your school teacher.  Either way, you'd probably start by Googling it, wouldn't you?

If so, here's a different method, and one which might actually be better too.

Head to and type in the word or phrase you need to know about.  In a couple of seconds, up comes a mindmap-style diagram with the keywords you need, and the right-hand panel shows links to relevant web pages.  Click on one of the mindmap nodes and things get even more detailed.  

In the screen shot below, I've started by searching for information about CPUs, and then clicked on the Chips node in the first diagram.

Try it, and grok something new today.



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eikelein, wow, indeed, I'll be 61 next month. I read Stranger In A Strange Land way back when I was in college on G.I. benefits.

Useless at this moment, and don't even dare to use a foreign word no matter how simple it is, I tried "chango" (monkey in Spanish) and it brought me all kind of nonsense except anything related to the animal. I better use the regular Google in the meantime.

This site really works for me. I have trouble searching the web as I either over a defined or miss defined my search parameters. My first few attempts with Grok have been outstanding and really easy. I sent copies to all my Grandkids and friends. It is a great site for me.

Did a quick search on Malmö, Sweden and the search engine didnt like that. Changed the search to Malmo, Sweden and yes, up popped a few bubbles. Sadly most of the bubbles kept trying to push me to Copenhagen!
Copenhagen is in Denmark and Malmö is in Sweden!
Not so impressed at the moment.

Checked out the site literally as you suggested - Nigeria. The "information" about Nigeria was shallow, full of cliches and glib statements "...Nigeria is home to a substantial network of organized crime, active especially in drug trafficking..." - first entry. Compare with Wikipedia that starts out "...Nigeria, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a federal constitutional republic comprising 36 states and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The country is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north...". There is more to Nigeria than some purported 'substantial network of organized crime', just there is more to the USA than its well-known network of organized crime.

It's a sure bet I won't be going there again, and yes, I am a Nigerian.

Sorry, olad. I guess, like any search system, it's not infallible and it depends how you use it. And for what it's worth, my wife's Nigerian by birth. I should have checked with her!

Your response is what I've been told by more literate friends and I'll go through the help menu on Google and try some more. I use Parenthesis and Quotes quit a bit but often forget the + sign. I remember trying to find the "date 90 from today". I worked & worked ending up with counting on a calendar. I told a friend and they type in about half the words I used and had an immediate answer. Friend suggested I was over stating my question. Thanks for the tip, I'll try some more. Ray

Awful site, in 6 months you'll never hear of it again.

Its like throwing darts at a dartboard full of relevant / irrelevant info. Your chances of hitting the info you need are pretty slim.

Google, properly used is INFINITELY more powerful and accurate. Everybody should do the Google power search course.

I am 75 years old and while not too old to learn I found the Google power search course difficult. I hope that you are wrong about the six-month thing. Learning how to search the web is an important part of web utilization. Ray

Its really quite easy Ray if you just remember to localise your search by (most important) date to avoid irrelevant pages submitted long ago (most of the web) and to remember to use '+' '-' quote marks etc. Its all very logical. I often use the images section straight off....drag an image into the search box and be amazed. The recommended site, whatever its called(?) when asked "best widescreen tv 2013" earlier, the top article offered was written in 2007! By using the google tools provided at the top of the search page, I can home in on blogs, news, reviews, discussions, best prices, restrict dates, all within a fraction of a second. It fine tunes rather than spins off at tangents.

I'm not a google fan boy, far from it. but its hard to see how the featured site could cause anything but misinformation and frustration. You only get from the web a proportional response to the information you submit



It is another WAY to find information and to zero in on what interests you. You can also adjust the level of expertise

WOW! That was fantastic!!! More info than I expected.
Who among you knows where the word "Grok" came from?

Robert Heinlein's Stranger In A Strange Land

Wow, yo must be about my age bracket (70-75)!
I remember the expression and use it in my own thinking but never out loud; people just wouldn't grok it...

Thanks Rob! I'm gonna play with this and see if it's as interesting as it sounds. I think I'll start with 'alternate guitar tunings'.

Very interesting... thank you, rob! :-)