A Quick and Easy Way to Run a Program Without Getting the UAC Prompt in Windows 7 and 8


Even when you are running as administrator, certain programs and scripts still trigger the UAC prompt. If you are a frequent user of a program and know it is safe, this becomes a nuisance. A previous tip showed how to create a shortcut to get around this problem but the procedure takes quite a few steps. Here is another approach that is provided by a small free utility. It will create the shortcut for you in a jiffy.

The program is called ElevatedShortcut for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and is from WinAero. It  is portable and needs no installation. There  are two executables provided, one for Windows 7 and one for Windows 8.  I have used it in Windows 7 and 8, 64-bit, with no problem.

Click the executable file and you get the interface shown in the figure below. Ironically, opening the utility itself triggers the UAC prompt because of its nature. I haven't tried it but I suppose you could create a shortcut for itself to avoid UAC. In any event, using it to create a new shortcut or to modify an old one is very quick and easy.

Elevated Shortcut

  1. Click the button "New shortcut" shown in the figure above and you get the straightforward window shown in the figure shown next.
  2. An Explorer dialog can then be opened by clicking the button on the right of the "Target path" line. From there you select the program file that the shortcut is for.
  3. After the chosen program is entered in the "Target path" line, enter any command line arguments that are needed. Generally, you can ignore this but a script might need an entry.
  4. Click the button on the right of the line for "Folder to store shortcut". From the Explorer dialog that opens, select the location you want. I show the Desktop as an illustration in the figure below. 
  5. Click “OK” and you’re done.

Dialog to elevate a shortcut

In similar fashion, you can elevate a previously existing shortcut with "Modify shortcut". You can also remove a previously elevated shortcut.

And there you have it – no more UAC.

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The developer does not say it works on Vista but I haven't tried it there.

Terrific tip and great site. Thanx

That WinAero is a decent downloads site.

Yes, they have some interesting stuff.