Easily Remove Objects from Images with this Free Web App

Cleanup.pictures is a simple and free web-based app to remove unwanted objects from photos

Cleanup.pictures allows you to cleanup your images using a simple interface.
With a basic UI that works surprisingly well, Cleanup.pictures helps you to tidy up your images. Remove people, objects or other distractions, touch up selfies, or add fill to areas.

To use, draw over objects with the brush (brush size can be adjusted), and the AI (artificial intelligence) will delete the area and provide the cleaned-up image. If you’ve accidentally traced over the edge of another object, the tool will recognize it and ignore it. When you’re finished, you can save the image as a jpg.

The results aren’t up to pace with professional tools but works quite well – and is best with simple, uncluttered photographs.
Cleanup.pictures uses LaMa, an open source model from the AI lab at Samsung to redraw the areas that are deleted.


(via Product Hunt)


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