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Optimizing BitTorrent For Speed

Since BitTorrent is identical to µTorrent, I have deleted this guide.  Use the µTorrent guide:

Optimizing µTorrent for Speed


Additional µTorrent guides that will be helpful for BitTorrent users:

µTorrent Help: Selecting Files To Download In µTorrent

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How to Add a Classic All Programs Fly-Out Menu to the Windows 7 Start Menu

The previous tip mentioned software for restoring the Classic Start menu to Windows 7. However, you might like to have a classic All Programs menu while keeping the good stuff that comes on the new Windows 7 Start menu. Here is a hack that will do just that.

But first please make a System Restore point or some other backup before you try to apply this tip. That way you can be sure you can get your original configuration back if something goes wrong

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How to update Firefox or Thunderbird addons to work with a new release

Have you ever got used to a Firefox or Thunderbird addon that you really like, or just can't live without, and then a new version of either Firefox or Thunderbird is released, and suddenly your addon no longer works?

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How to Make Your Computer Screen Easier to See

If your eyes are like mine, things on the computer screen seem to keep shrinking and getting harder to see. Also, the high resolution displays of today can make text harder to read. Fortunately, Windows has a variety of ways to enlarge the objects on the screen and here are some steps to make things easier on your eyes.

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The Best iPad Tips and Tricks [iOS 4 to 6]


Best iPad Tips and TricksA mobile device has changed the ways you interact with the computer. It neither needs a mouse nor a giant physical keyboard any more, but you still can find the ways to work around with it.

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How to Stop the Pesky Interference from Laptop Touchpads When Typing

Here’s how to get rid of a nuisance that can be a real bother. It is easy to accidentally brush a laptop touchpad when typing and that means the cursor goes flying off somewhere with all sorts of unwanted results. If you are using taps to indicate clicks, you may even inadvertently open a program.

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