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How To Locate The Best Free Radio Stations Streaming Classical Music


There's a goldmine of quality stations streaming classical music, that can be tapped for free, through the Internet.

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How To Avoid Spam


Spam is difficult to get rid of once you're on the spammers lists. However, it is relatively easy to avoid in the first place. Below I have explained some simple strategies that, if followed correctly, will render you all but immune to the ravages of spam.

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5/23/2014-Removed a dead link and added link to Best Free Antivirus Software article.

6/9/2014-Replaced http links with https links wherever possible.


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Learn How to Use the Windows Registry Editor (Regedit) in One Easy Lesson

A previous article discussed some basic facts about the Registry. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how the Registry Editor works and show how to tweak the Registry. Applies to Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8.x/ 10.
Vic Laurie

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What Everybody Should Know About the Windows Registry

I suspect that most PC users probably consider the subject of the Windows Registry to be something to avoid. Over the years a mystique has grown up around the Registry, making it sometimes sound like a set of cabalistic rites known only to the high priests of Microsoft. This article will try to shed a little light on the Registry and outline some basic facts that I believe all PC users will find worthwhile knowing.

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Best Use For An Old Machine


What a great idea...If you have an old machine sitting around about doing nothing, you might consider using it for a specific task that does not require today's modern resource requirements.

My Top Pick of alternate workstation usage must clearly be the solution shown on the left! I am sure you will agree.

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Best Free Security Diet Plan


Security programs seem to get more bloated with every release. Firewalls in particular now have so many 'features' that your system files can't even cough without triggering an alert or writing a registry entry somewhere. If, like me, you already have a well protected browser and adopt safe surfing practices, then maybe you neither want or need this level of system strangulation.

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Encryption is Not Enough

A few facts

Inconvenient fact #1 - Cryptography is harder than it looks: Not just any encryption program will do.  Most any competent programmer could grab the open-source code for a block cipher (cryptographic protocol) -- say AES -- and put together an encryption process to get from password entry to ciphertext.

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