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How to Convert PDF Files to Word Doc Files for Free

Your best free option is to use an online conversion service. With these services, you upload your PDF file, then download the converted file.

I tried a number of these services, including one offered by Adobe, but in the end I could only recommend this one.

ZamZar. is an excellent general file conversion site, and PDF to DOC is one of the many conversion options available.

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Free Estimates and Bill of Quantities Program

Personally I have no need for this kind of software but I suspect there are many of you who do.

This certainly looks to be a pretty serious program and you can't argue with the price.

Well I guess you could  argue that it's not really free in that they do ask you to provide a lot of personal data in order to register to the product.  It's your call. 


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Lots of Commercial Software for Free

Wikipedia defines abandonware as "computer software that is no longer sold or supported, or whose copyright ownership may be unclear for various reasons."

There is a lot of this stuff around. In fact there are whole websites dedicated to it.

For example there's VetusWare, a site that has a huge range of older commercial apps ranging from Word 6 to AutoCad R13.

Then  there's Abandonia, a site that specializes in classic DOS games.

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Google Cheat Sheet

Essential tips and tricks for Googler's of all kinds.

The link in the original article is dead.
This article at Geekology has similar (and I think better) tips than the original link. I think the formatting in this article is easier to read and understand as well.

Advanced Google search hacks and tricks

(thanks to Anonymous for letting me know)

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A Little Of Everything: 100+ Places To Download Stuff

Download all kinds of programs in several categories at this site

DailyBits has a diverse list of downloadable applcations in 18 categories.

Amongst the 18+ categories you can find Audio Books, Movies, Fonts, Games, Flash Files, MP3's, System Utilities and Web Design.
I ran across some old favorites and found a few gems I hadn't seen before.
This is a good place to spend a little time browsing the various categories.

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Find Downloadable E-Books Using This Free PDF Search Engine

PDF Search Engine is a book search engine search on sites, forums, message boards for pdf files.

I tried a few different searches and was amazed at what's available.

OK, you can find and download a tons of e-books but please respect the copyright of the publishers and the authors.

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100 Tools To Search The Deep Web

This site from the Online College Blog has outstanding search information for finding things the larger search engines don't index.
The search categories are wide ranging:
- Custom Search Engines
- Semantic Search Tools and Databases
- General Search Engines and Databases
- Collaborative Information and Databases
- Academic Search Engines and Databases
- Meta-Search Engines
- Scientific Search Engines and Databases
- Custom Search Engines
Also included are these two segments:

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Free Harvard Course on Computers

Ever wanted to know how to program computers? Well here is your chance and it wont cost you a cent.

This 12 part online course from Harvard starts from the basics and takes you right through to some quite advanced topics such as writing secure code.  In fact you may get some value from the later part of this course even if you can already program.

The course is available in Flash, MP3, and QuickTime formats with notes, slides, and source code.


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The Definitive Dual Booting Guide

Step by step article on dual booting Windows 7, Linux, Vista and XP

There seems to be a small but growing interest in Linux. One of the good things about Linux is that you can get a Live CD, where everything runs off the CD with no changes to your current system. Another is that you can install Linux as an additional operating system on your computer. When your computer boots up, you pick whether you want to use Linux or Windows.

One of the best things about this article is that it shows how to boot from each system to another system.
Like this:

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