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Quickly Convert 24 Hour Time To 12 Hour Time

Whether one uses the 12 hour system or the 24 hour system, here's a handy tip for quick conversion.

Having grown up using a 12 hour clock and the Imperial measuring system, I'm always on the lookout for easy ways to convert one thing to another - Imperial to Metric and back again. Preferably without having to do much math.

The Alien Eyes blog has a great tip for converting time.

I cheerfully ignored the comments that implied everyone should have learned this from their (insert grade or level) math teacher, feel free to do the same.

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Life In Color: 100 (Legal) Sources for Free Stock Images

A wonderful compilation of the best free (and legal) sites for free stock images.

Having spent way too much time over the years looking for a photo or image for a small project, I was thrilled to run across this site. Sort of. You see, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time looking at images from the sites on this list.

I'm highly impressed with the quality of the images available from the sites I've viewed.

The sites are grouped by category and contain most everything related to images.

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Free Web-Based Vector Editor

[This Editor is no longer online.]

Create scalable vector art using your browser

So, I get this email this morning from this company I’ve been keeping an eye on because they have an image editor with lots of potential. It seems they’ve gone and created a vector art program while I wasn’t looking (think Adobe Illustrator).
I’ve been enjoying playing around with it today even though I don’t know how to make anything other than boxes and other shapes.

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[Expired] Free Ten Week Photoshop Course

Sign up for a free ten week Photoshop course at this site.

creativetechs has put together a 10 week Photoshop class at no charge.
The class is geared towards Mac computers and will be using CS4 (Adobe Creative Suite 4), though they mention that most of the class content also applies to earlier versions of Photoshop, as well as PC users. I couldn't find any reference to what earlier Photoshop versions will work.

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Free Software For Office 2007 From Microsoft

Office aficionados will find a veritable treasure trove of software that works with Office 2007 at this site.

This site could contain the Ultimate List of software created by Microsoft for Office 2007.

Microsoft Office has been around in one form or another for a very long time. Long enough that many people know its functions inside and out in any version. For them, this site is an Office power user's dream. For the rest of us, there are some interesting additions to the current Office version.

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Get Organized With Free Portable Planners

The D*I*Y Planner site say they are best thing in printing since Gutenberg. Who am I to argue? With free printable templates in over 12+ categories they might be right.

The site features many tools and ideas related to organization. Specifically, organization using paper and writing devices.
The focus is on paper-based productivity, planning, journaling and creative techniques.

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9 Free, Really Useful Screensavers

These 9 free screensavers do things other than look great.

Back in the day, screensavers were created to help prevent burn-in on monitors.
Most newer monitors don't need screensavers to do anything other than look good or be entertaining.

So why do we still love screensavers?
I suspect some of it has to do with flying toasters.
A long time ago (think Windows 3.1) a company created a screensaver package that included, among others, a flying toaster screensaver.

All of a sudden, looking at your monitor was fun.

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Create A Spectacular Toolbox Using A USB Thumb Drive

Have you ever wanted to carry a digital home away from home on your keychain or in your pocket? No? This article might change your mind.

I have a few USB thumb drives floating around. I don't use them often.
I would rather pull what I want from my online storage. Its easier than trying to move data from one computer to another.

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Get Great Weather Data With No Ads

Reliable worldwide weather conditions and forecasts delivered in a clear and concise format - ads not included.

The Weather Underground has been the most accurate and informative site to get weather conditions, local and worldwide, for years. No surprise, since they were the first internet weather service.

Weather Underground Lite is a scaled down version of the "Full" site. The "Full" site has weather blogs, photos, and other features. Its an ad supported site, with paid membership available that removes the ads.

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