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Fold Your Own Sky King Paper Airplane

Instructions to build your own cool snub-nosed paper aircraft.

I've been folding paper airplanes since I was a kid. Some of them flew a short distance, some of them took a nose dive immediately, and some were dismal failures. Takuo Toda has developed 700 designs for paper airplanes. This site has both a video tutorial and illustrated diagrams so you can create your own.
You'll need to have Flash enabled to view the video.
Have fun!

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Is this Website down, or is it me?

Nifty online tool to check if a website is down.

Not too long ago I went to a website to place an order. It wouldn't load. It wouldn't load in any of the five browsers I tried. Since the site is a large and reputable site I've been using for years, I was puzzled.
A bit of looking led me to the 'down for everyone or just me' website.
This is a great little web based tool that tells you if a site is really down. All you have to do is type in the name of the site and click on the "or just me?" link in blue.

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Google Book Downloader: Save Google Books as PDFs

Free utility that lets you download books in PDF form from Google Books

Google Books is a great place to browse for books, and most books have download links on their web pages, so why would you need a program? Google Book Downloader can do a few more things than the default download. Some features I like are:

- Saves books that are available in "Full View" as PDF files to your system
- Partially downloads any book from Google Books marked as 'Limited preview'

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Get Adobe Flash Without GetPlus in Firefox

Step by step on how to prevent GetPlus being installed with Flash.

With all the news about vulnerabilities in Adobe's Flash Player, I decided to update to the latest version of Flash.
Off I went to the official Adobe Flash plugin download site. I went through the usual hoops; uncheck the box that wanted me to install McAfee etc. The actual Flash download contained GetPlus. Huh? I didn't ask for GetPlus. I wanted the updated Flash Player and nothing else thank you very much.

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The Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows

Short and sweet: if you are interested in software you need to visit this site.

Whether you are a developer or a dabbler there is something for everyone at Scott Hanselman's 2011 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows.
There are several categories that have tons of useful information covering a large (did I say large? I meant amazing) range.
Here are a few of the categories; I'm not going to list all of them and my fingers would fall off trying to give you an overview - you really have to see them for yourself. It's that good.

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Easiest Image Resizing Ever

Resize images from inside Windows Explorer with this free utility

I resize images on a regular basis and until now its been somewhat tedious. 
While I was searching for a program that would sort images by their resolution I found this little gem of a program that resizes images in Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) using a mere right click.

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Check if your computer is windows 7 compatible or not

Microsoft has launched Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor scans your PC to see if it's ready for Windows 7, and tells you about any known compatibility issues.

check out yourself. click on the link below.

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Documentary Heaven: Food For Your Brain

Need something to watch? Have a look at these free documentaries in 35+ categories.

'Documentary Heaven was set up early July 2009 to provide the public with a vast collection of documentaries spanning across every genre out there. We intend on continuously updating the site on a daily basis to bring you nothing but the very best.'

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Use Your Webcam as a Security Camera and Motion Detector

Free software detects what happens when you aren't there.

Syschat has an article on how to use a webcam as a security device to monitor unattended locations using Yawcam free software. The article outlines two ways to use software to record activity - one takes a picture at regular intervals of your choice and can store them offsite. The other one records activity when motion is detected.

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