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"For months I've been looking for a good way of deleting 'undeletable' files. Finally I've discovered a free utility that does the job reliably and simply."

The second paragraph should at the very least, expand the benefits, name the product and provide a product link. For example:

"Unlocker is a tiny 230KB utility that works with Windows 2000 and XP. Vista users are out of luck. Just right click on the 'undeletable file', select 'Delete with Unlocker' from the context menu and next time you boot the file will be gone for good."

You can have a third paragraph if you wish; indeed as many as you like. However there must at least be a second paragraph after the opening "teaser" paragraph.

Prevent Microsoft from Installing Edge Chromium on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Chromium logo

Microsoft will be releasing the Microsoft Edge Chromium based browser next month via Windows Update. If you don't want it to be installed automatically here's how to prevent it.

Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser is set to be released January 2020. It will be rolled out to users via Windows Update for all PCs running Windows 10 1803 or newer approximately mid-January.

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Increase Your Online Safety with this Surveillance Self-Defense Guide

 Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) guide

The Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) guide has tips, tutorials and articles to help increase your online safety and privacy and prevent online surveilliance. People with little technical knowledge and those who have advanced skills will find the guide interesting and useful.

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Wallpaper of the Week: Antarctic Canyon

This week's wallpaper is an image of an unnamed canyon/trench in Antarctica. Water flows through icy banks, the surrounding colors of white and iceberg blue lending color to the water as it winds out of sight, leaving a backdrop of gray and icy mountains. Blue sky and white clouds overhead make for a clear and stunning view of the canyon. Icons show up ok against this background with the lighter areas having less visibility.

Antarctic Canyon

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Wallpaper of the Week: Green Forest Reflection

This weeks wallpaper is a steep hill of intensely green pines reflected in water. Tall thin pines lining a steep hill reflect soft greens in a lake. The reflections are slightly blurred and blended enough to look like a watercolor painting. The contrast between the sharp needles and thin lines of the pines and the luminous, soft outlines of the reflected trees form a variegated green contrast. Icons show up fairly well in most areas of the background.

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