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Freeware Game of the Week (This game leaves you wanting for more!)

Aug 8 - Aug 14

Few games leave you so impressed that it's nearly impossible not to fall in love with them. This is one such game. It's weird, it's cool and thought provoking, but best of all you wouldn't even know why you love it so much! Whatever, it leaves you wanting for more, perhaps because it ends on such a high note. 

Gravity Bone

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Freeware Game of the Week (The Flash Game that Rocked the Online World!!)

Jul 18 - Jun 24

Flash games have brought a revolution in the online industry providing users with countless hours of fun and entertainment. The attraction is clear: they are completely free of charge, will run in any browser without the need for downloads or installs, are easy to learn, come in a huge variety of categories and are simply great fun to play. But in this super-popular genre, one game stands out.

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Amazing Antelope Canyon (Wallpaper of the Week)

This weeks wallpaper is a photo of the awesome Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA.
The photo shows the sinuous curves and contours that water has sculpted over time in this well known slot canyon.
There's a great balance of warm and cool colors, and icons show up well against the darker areas of the image with the lighter areas creating less contrast.

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Freeware Game of the Week (Play this before you Die!)

Apr 9 - Apr 15

Why do you think that people say the best things in life are free? Well, I discovered one answer in early 2004 when I learned of a game that was the fruit of five long years of development by Daisuke Amaya during his spare time.

This free game turned into a classic, won him universal acclaim and has given him god-like status in the gaming world.

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Firefox Extension of the Week (FlashGot)

Mar 31 - Apr 06

It would be hard to find someone who doesn't use a download manager these days. If you require any or all of the following: faster downloads, scheduling, resuming incomplete downloads, bulk downloading, downloading media and URLs; then yes, you definitely need a download manager! cool

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Firefox Extension of the Week (Readability)

Mar 21 - Mar 27

Firefox has thousands of extensions in its gallery. If you can imagine Firefox browser as a racing car, then having extensions is like customizing the nitrous purge, hydraulics, spinners, doors, trunk audio, split hoods and even add paint to your exhaust, spoiler, roof scoop etc. Thus buying parts, upgrading performance and changing the looks, makes your car to come "alive". 

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