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50+ Scary Fonts You Can Download for Free

50 Free Scary Fonts

Choose from over 50 free gothic and horror fonts for use in Halloween and other projects.

Hongkiat has an interesting and diverse selection of gothic and horror fonts that are free for download. The variety is wide enough that there’s something for most kinds of projects that use this style of typography.

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Stop Popups, Overlays, Privacy Notifications and More with This Browser Extension

Pop Up Off

Get rid of annoying popups, overlays, notifications, blur wrappers and other internet annoyances with this lightweight browser add-on.

PopUpOff is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge that gives you control over the overlays, popups, bars, panels privacy notices and other elements that need to be closed before you can view a web page.

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How to Blur Your Home in Google Maps Street View

Blur Google Maps

Google can blur your home on Google Street View so it’s not recognizable. Here's how.

Google Street View shows the same thing someone would see walking by your house, but accessible to anyone using Google Maps. Here’s the directions to request that your home, face, vehicle, or license plate appear as a blur on Google Street View.

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Wallpaper of the Week: Autumn Cypress Trees

This week’s wallpaper shows off the fall colors of cypress trees reflected in the surrounding water. Cypress trees rise out of the water, their limbs covered with autumn foliage in oranges, yellows, and greens. Icons are pretty visible given the lighter colors of the background.

Wallpaper Autumn Cypress.jpg

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Get Facebook’s Old Layout Back with These Browser Add-ons


These two browser extensions bring back Facebook’s old layout.

If you use Facebook but aren’t a fan of the new layout, you’re in luck. These two browser add-ons bring back the old Facebook layout (pre-September 2020).

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See How Every Website Is Tracking You with This Tool


Instantly reveal the trackers on any website using this free website privacy inspector.

Blacklight lets you scan any website to see how your data is being collected by entering the address of a website. It scans the site and reveals what tracking technologies are being used.

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Automatically Remove Formatted Text from Your Clipboard


This simple free tool automatically removes the formatting from text copied to your Windows clipboard.

ClipboardFusion is a useful free little program that sits in your system tray and monitors your Windows clipboard. When it finds text on the clipboard, it removes all the formatting, including white space and HTML tags, leaving you with pure text that can be pasted into any application.

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Wallpaper of the Week: Milky Way over Dead Vlei, Namibia

This week’s wallpaper is a photo of the Milky Way arching above a tree in the Dead Vlei desert in Namibia. The lone tree sits on white flat sand and dunes rise in the background. This background is subdued and not high contrast. It shows icons very well and is a good choice if you want a quiet background that is distraction free.

Wallpaper Dead Vlie Namibia

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Tame Twitter with This Add-on for Chrome and Firefox

Tweak New Twitter

This extension for Firefox and Chrome based browsers gets rid of some annoyances and makes Twitter more pleasant to use.

Make your Twitter timeline show original content from the people you follow, stay on the Latest Tweets timeline, move retweets to a separate timeline and more with this browser extension.

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Use This Free Tool to Convert PDFs into Online Forms



Turn PDFs into online forms that are easy to fill out and return for free.

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