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"For months I've been looking for a good way of deleting 'undeletable' files. Finally I've discovered a free utility that does the job reliably and simply."

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"Unlocker is a tiny 230KB utility that works with Windows 2000 and XP. Vista users are out of luck. Just right click on the 'undeletable file', select 'Delete with Unlocker' from the context menu and next time you boot the file will be gone for good."

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Turn Your Computer, Netbook or Notebook into an eBook Reader in 4 Easy Steps

Get the eBook reader interface and ease of use minus the iPad or Kindle.

If you don't want to purchase yet another device or you just aren't interested in them, try this alternative.
Pick one of the free eBook programs from the list, follow the directions in the article, and you'll have a nice collection
of eBooks instead of a bunch of PDF files.

Turn Your Laptop, Netbook, or Desktop into an eBook Reader

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10 Websites That Help Kids Spell Words Right

Improve your kids spelling using these ten fun spelling bee sites.

You don't have to want to enter a spelling bee to enjoy these sites, they are also a great way to increase vocabulary and spelling skills. Spelling bees are programs where kids compete to see who spells the most words correctly.

Stack of Dictionaries

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10 Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC

Did you know that Linux can fix a variety of Windows PC problems? It can. Here's how.

One of the lesser known tools to repair some Windows issues, Linux can be a lifesaver when you think your computer is haunted and it refuses to work properly.
I've come across many an article that mentions you can use Linux as a repair tool.
That's terrific, but what does it fix and how do you do it?

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Download Office 2010 Training Courses for Free

Microsoft Office 2010 Logo

Get free, downloadable versions of  training courses for Office 2010.
View courses for Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Powerpoint, Project, SharePoint Server, SharePoint Workspace, Visio and Word 2010. Here's a few sites with useful Office 2010 tips and tricks:

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25 Handy Google Search Tips and Tricks

This TechRadar article has handy tips and tricks to improve Google search results and make browsing more fun if you aren't looking for something specific.

You can check the latest stories on Twitter and Facebook, use the Wonder Wheel to browse by subject, sort by time (very handy if you have a time frame for something), use the cache if a site is down and other interesting Google tips.

Google ninjas will probably know all or most of these, the rest of us can probably find a few new things to use.:)

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7 Steps to Make Computers Accessible for the Elderly (Windows)

These steps all use tools that are built in to Windows and can help with eyesight and other difficulties.
The main focus is on improving visibility with some tips on using sounds and keystrokes for pain and stiffness in fingers.
There are tips on these topics:

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How To Fix “BOOTMGR is missing” Error in Vista and Windows 7

Error message imageFixing the "BOOTMGR is missing" error isn't too hard; here's how.

Please note: We are unable to provide individual support in the comments under this article. If you need assistance, please post here in our forum.

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13 Laptop Security Tips

Here's an excellent roundup of tools and tips to help keep your laptop safe. It's quite thorough and combines software, hardware, and tracking solutions, some free, some not. Mac and Linux users will find useful tools as well.

13 Must-Know Laptop Security Tips, Tools and Software


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Download and Use Portable Linux Applications

Linux users will be glad to see that there's a site for Linux portable apps featuring a number of popular programs along with some for those with more technical experience.

Portable applications (that is, programs that can run on portable devices like USB flash drive and make little to no changes on your system) for Windows have been around for a while, it's great to see them being created for Linux. The article below has a guide on how to use them, a much appreciated feature for those of us who are new to, or dabble in, Linux.

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Find Out Where Shortened URLs Lead To Without Clicking

Shortened URLs are like duct tape - they have a light side, a dark side, and hold some of our micro-universes (like Twitter) together. With some URLs running as long as 200+ characters, URL shorteners are a much needed service.
Sadly, shortened URLs can also redirect users to phishing sites in order to capture personal information (sensitive and otherwise), and worse, can redirect you to malicious web sites loaded with malware.

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