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"For months I've been looking for a good way of deleting 'undeletable' files. Finally I've discovered a free utility that does the job reliably and simply."

The second paragraph should at the very least, expand the benefits, name the product and provide a product link. For example:

"Unlocker is a tiny 230KB utility that works with Windows 2000 and XP. Vista users are out of luck. Just right click on the 'undeletable file', select 'Delete with Unlocker' from the context menu and next time you boot the file will be gone for good."

You can have a third paragraph if you wish; indeed as many as you like. However there must at least be a second paragraph after the opening "teaser" paragraph.

View Almost All Image File Formats in Windows File Explorer With This Free Program

Sage Thumbs

Sage Thumbs is a small, free Windows utility that allows users to preview 162 image formats, including Photoshop files in Windows File Explorer.

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Play 2500 MS-DOS Games in Your Browser for Free

Internet Archive MS-DOS Games

The Internet Archive has released an additional 2,500 MS-DOS games playable online in a browser, many with manuals. The Internet Archive started adding MS-DOS games in 2015, adding periodically to the collection. This is the largest update to the collection so far.

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55 Free Online Photo Edit & Paint Tools in One Place

Mara photo tools

This web based software suite has 55 image editing and painting tools on one easy to use page.

Mara is a web-based software suite for quick image editing and painting with 55 tools to edit and paint images. All the tools are on one page for easy access. It has several of the same tools used in Photoshop without downloading anything and is beginner friendly and suitable for all levels of experience.

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Wallpaper of the Week: Glacier: Cold Night, Gentle Light

This weeks wallpaper is a photo of a glacier in Iceland, photographed during a long autumn night. Angled layers of ice form hills that descend to the water's edge. The light on the glacier is all in shades of blue shading to lighter blues and almost white where the light shines on the ice, creating thousands of small sparkles from reflected light. Icons show up well on this background. Original photo by Michael Schauer.

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This Free Screen Recorder Works in Your Browser

screen recorder screen shot

NOTE: As of October 7, 2019 the site is down. We'll update when it comes back online.

Use this handy site to record your screen using your web browser.

It doesn't get any easier to record what's on your screen. This browser based screen recorder does it all from within your browser, nothing to install or download, no watermarks and no restrictions.

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Perform Unit Conversions and Calculations With This Simple, Free Calculator

Caligator calculator screen shot

This cross platform, open source calculator calculates almost everything and performs easy unit conversions like length, weight, currency, percentage, temperature and more.

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Free C#, .NET, and ASP.NET Videos and Tutorials for Beginners

Learn .NET videos

If you want to learn the basics of C#, .NET and ASP.NET these videos are a terrific introduction.

This series of videos on C#, ASP.NET or .NET has been created by Scott Hanselman. The videos are geared towards beginners and offer a self paced introduction to Microsoft's framework.

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