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Are Recent Patches to Windows 7/8 Letting Microsoft Spy on You?

PrivateThe recent debate over privacy in Windows now has an added component. Originally, privacy concerns were raised about new system reporting services that are defaults in Windows 10.

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Free VLC Windows Store Media Player App for Windows 8.1/10

The VLC desktop media player is widely used and is one of Gizmo’s top recommendations. Earlier this year, there was a substantial cross-platform update of the desktop player that was reported in this article. In addition to the cross-platform desktop player, there is also a free Windows Store app.

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Eight Lesser-Known Windows 10 Features and Settings Worth Exploring

There are many new features and settings in Windows 10 and much has been written about the major ones. However, there are also quite a few lesser-known additions and here are some that I think are worth pointing out. You will generally need administrator privileges to make system changes.

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How to Defer Installing Updates in Windows 10

One of the controversial changes in Windows 10 for home users is the forced installation of updates and drivers. Since new updates or drivers can sometimes cause system problems, many have objected to the lack of a way to block problematic updates. Microsoft has now provided the troubleshooter kb3073930 that can let you hide updates you want to defer. The description and download are at this link.

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Ten of the Best Places to Learn About Window 10

With the release of Windows 10 to the general public, there has been a flood of articles about the new operating system. I have sifted through dozens of these and come up with a list of ten that I think are particularly helpful in explaining what’s in Windows 10, whether you want it, and how to configure and use it.

Windows 10

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Your PC May Have Been Uploading Windows 10 to Others without You Knowing It

Windows 10 upgraders may not be aware of a new addition to Windows that has the features of a torrent client. It’s called Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO).

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Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for

Any new computer operating system will have things you want to change and Windows 10 is no exception. In fact, it may have more than the usual quirks and unwanted settings since this is a work still in progress. Here are three of the things that new users may want to check out.

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How to Get Your Previous System Back After You Have Upgraded to Windows 10

In the last few days millions of people have upgraded Windows 7 and 8.1 systems to Windows 10. But suppose you have tried Windows 10 and now you want your old system back? As long as it has not been more than 30 days since you installed Windows 10, there is an easy way to downgrade.

Here is the procedure. (You will need to be in an administrative account.) Since something can always go wrong, first back up any personal files and data. Also, if a laptop or tablet is involved it will need to be plugged in since the rollback can take a while.

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